MarketPlace Solutions


The Apiax solution allows to transform complex cross-border and tax regulations into digital compliance rules which are constantly up-to-date and verified.

Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge has developed a scalable FX hedging front-end that automates the selling of foreign exchange options, providing instant automated quotes priced by the end customer.


AU10TIX provides solutions for automating ID document authentication, validation, and conversion to workable digital records for customer onboarding channels.


Overview The non-black box approach of the Data Integrity and Control Platform delivers a “trusted” ecosystem that can be deployed on the web and/ or cloud architectures. AxiomSL’s Data Integrity…

BlueCode International AG

Blue Code works like cash — just on your smartphone. Integrate the app plugin and the back-end components from the solution package into your mobile banking app and your Temenos Core Banking platform to enable cashless payments for your customers.

Callsign Inc

Callsign’s Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) proactively defends against data breaches and cybercrime.


Circit is transforming audit confirmation requests by bringing banks, audit firms, and their mutual business customers onto one secure platform during a financial audit.

Cyberhaven Lightbeam

Cyberhaven provides instant visibility into data flows in enterprises to enable rapid compliance with GDPR/CCPA, modernize risk management, and streamline data security.


At Duco our mission is to make managing data easy. We empower end users to deal with complex data problems in a fraction of the time required by traditional systems.


In today’s world, where spikes in volatility are the new normal, EdgeLab provides investment management professionals with the confidence they need to make better and informed decisions.


Easily create engaging personalised documentation from Temenos Core Banking data (XML / TXT / CSV) for use across your entire customer base. From advices, letters, customer & portfolio statements, to KYC documents, contracts, application forms & letters of credit, AUTOFORM ensures a consistent corporate standard.

Envestnet Yodlee

Yodlee Instant Account Verification (IAV) offers a safe, secure, and fast way to onboard consumers, aggregate accounts, and enable risk decisions for further services.

Equifax IDMatrix

The solutions allows financial institutions to authenticate and verify identities against independent and reliable data sources to reduce the risk of fraud with Fraud Assessment and Knowledge Based Authentication.

Ergon Informatik AG Airlock Suite

Airlock Suite protects your e-banking and banking apps at highest swiss quality. It deals with the issues of filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution – setting new standards for usability and services.

Finn AI

Finn AI is the world’s leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider. Leveraging artificial intelligence and the deepest banking domain expertise in the industry, we build simple, easy-to-use conversational banking platforms for financial institutions so their customers can easily manage their money and improve their financial literacy.

HID Global – HID RMS – Threat Detection Solution

HID® RMS – threat detection solution detects threats (financial malwares, zero-days attacks, phishing, social engineering, account takeovers, insecure configurations, web and mobile app hacking and fraudulent transactions) in real-time thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning and with the use of three different engines.

HID Global ActivID

ActivID® Authentication services provide a complete, versatile authentication solution for banks seeking to easily add authentication, from user name and password to a variety of strong authentication mechanisms.

HID Global CMS

HID Credential Management Service provides a suite of services that manage the lifecycle of digital identity and high assurance credentials.

HID Global Digital Persona

The DigitalPersona for Temenos authentication solution provides a multi-channel, modular Microsoft enterprise framework that integrates seamlessly with the Temenos core banking engine.

ID Pal

ID-Pal is a SaaS solution for KYC that enables businesses to verify the identity of its customers simply, securely and conveniently.

Inpher _ultra Encrypted Query

Seamlessly integrated into the T24 architecture, Temenos customers can safely leverage the scalability of cloud computing for federated search as the indices, keywords and results are all encrypted end-to-end so the hosting provider has no visibility into the data they are computing.


Iovation's mission is to make the Internet a safer place for people to conduct business.

KOBIL Systems GmbH mIDentity

With our Trusted Login Solution we are offering a modern product with the option to do a sensitive login but highly user-friendly login without the need to worry about the challenges of a technical implementation.

Mitek Mobile Docs®

Mobile Docs® SDK leverages Mitek’s patented mobile capture experience, MiSnap™, to enable end-users to leverage the camera on their mobile device to capture images of documents.

Mitek Mobile Verify®

Through patented science and advanced algorithms, Mobile Verify® combines the best-in-class mobile image capture experience and leading ID document authentication technology.

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries helps banks manage high volumes of non-performing assets effectively and compliantly. The technology uses data-driven analytics to predict customer behaviour and optimise treatment strategies.

SalesARM Digiteam

Digitize sales and relationship management by providing your teams with a mobile first solution that guides them on optimal actions and automatically registers outcomes, just like a digital personal assistant.


Business payments are stuck in the dark ages no more. With SnapCheck, businesses can gain all the advantages of digital payments now and say goodbye to using paper checks forever!

Sonect The Virtual ATM

Sonect converts every shop into a “virtual ATM”. This reduces cost of cash distribution for banks and eases up in store cash management for merchants via a location-based on-demand service.

TAS Group

Issuing and processing of card and mobile digital payments products and Merchant and ATM Acquiring, all on a single platform, delivered either on-premises or in the Cloud, anywhere in the world.


Trezeo is an award-winning solution that provides financial peace of mind for the growing number of self-employed and gig economy workers by turning unpredictable income into a regular pay cheque.

Validata Quality Suite

Validata Group provides a unified DevOps and ALM platform for the financial services sector, that can address all DevOps initiatives such as Continuous Testing, Integration across all platforms and environments, Deployment and Agile Developer Operations including Risk Analysis and real-time Analytics.

Validata V-Conn

V-Conn is a Business Intelligence, Data Migration and Data Integration platform both for the Temenos Core Banking environment and any other application with a fast storage/staging area.


Wealthinitiative platform allows relationship managers to deepen the relationship with their clients while proposing a new offering in key areas thus optimising market share of client’s wallet.