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Key initiatives

ISO 20022 payment repair

We wouldn’t blame you for being slightly bemused about this terminology since Payments Repair is another ‘new’ industry buzzword! So let’s fix that and make an introduction!

Why Temenos Payments?

Temenos provides SaaS first next generation payments technology for accelerated business growth, increased process efficiencies, and enhanced service innovations. Our products cover the complete payments lifecycle from order intake to clearing and settlement. These solutions are designed to work successfully both separately or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit simple, complex and diverse needs.

AI: The New Paradigm Transforming Payments

Next generation payments on the number 1 technology platform in banking

At Temenos, our laser focus on innovation and customer value is supported by the highest levels of investment in R&D in the industry, and has enabled Temenos to create a unique market offering – advanced SaaS first Next-Generation Payments Processing on the number 1 technology platform in banking.

Leveraging strategic technology

Our leading position in the market is based upon us continually combining the richest end-to-end functionality with the most advanced Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic, AI, and API-first payments technology.

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Agile, open & robust architecture

A robust set of base themes and principles underpin the design and architecture. These have led to the creation of a payment processing hub that is selling faster than any other in the industry (Number 1 in IBS League for new Payment Hub licenses in 2019 & 20).

New schemes, new services

Temenos continually rolls out support for new schemes and services to enable users to maintain compliance for the markets they address. This covers global and regional ISO 20022 initiatives as well as new Instant payment services, new market services, and payment instruments.

Configurable, optimized functionality

Extremely rich, highly configurable functionality, enabling accelerated support for complex, specialized, optimized payment services.

Measurable success

99% +

99%+ improved STP rates


#1 best-selling payments system – IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2020


Payments Innovation of the Year. Temenos Payments Hub in the Cloud – FSTech Awards 2018

Temenos Payments solutions

Payments hub

A truly comprehensive, universal platform for efficient payment execution and distribution – removing the need for a different system for different payment business types or payment rails.

ISO 20022 payment repair

The Payments Repair module markedly improves straight-through processing (STP) rates by automatically repairing and enriching messages. Utilizing an extensive lexicon of Temenos maintained market data each bank is enabled to significantly improve the payment service they provide and thus increase revenues per customer and strengthen key relationships.

Payment order management

A dedicated payment order capability enables payments that are ready for execution directly to Temenos, with other payments being sent to your downstream systems for further processing, allowing separation of front and back-office processing. This capability improves customer experience and enhances processing efficiency.

Payment SaaS

Temenos provide a range of flexible deployment options for all payment solution propositions, but of increasing popularity is the consumption of the services through our market leading SaaS offering. We continue to invest and expand this service, supporting a range of public cloud options, reducing time to market and operational running costs for those banks that choose to subscribe and consume this secure and optimized service.

Request to pay (R2P)

The service helps empower both billers and payers with a range of new payments options, addressing key challenges such as insufficient funds in accounts and cancellations of mandates. By elevating and standardizing the communication between billers and payers, R2P creates a dynamic and transparent flow of information that expedites the generation and execution of a payment.

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Instant payments

Built on the Temenos Payments Hub (TPH), Temenos Instant Payments is a full service, flexible, real-time payment solution that supports multiple and varied real-time instant payment schemes including both ISO20022 and non-ISO20022 schemes like SEPA Instant and UK Faster Payments.

Swift GPI and confirmation

Temenos Payments is SWIFT gpi ready, offering full coverage for gCCT, gCOV and gSRP rulebooks. Temenos Payments is already compliant with Swift Confirmation, thus enabling banks to remain compliant, embrace new payments services as they appear, and provide an engaging customer experience.

Embedded analytics

Embedded analytics provide real-time and contextually relevant help when serving customers and designing new products. They are used to examine previous behavior and to provide predictive insights to guide decision-making, recommendations and design assistance.

Payments modernization for international branch networks

Banks need to maintain compliance across multiple jurisdictions while innovating in a vastly competitive payments arena. Temenos can help by demonstrating how to enable a sustainable, successful roadmap for multi-jurisdictional payment processors.

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How will the swift ISO migration impact STP rates for cross border payments?

Will payment exceptions increase or decrease?

Customer success stories

Truevo Success Story - Man wearing VR Headset

“We chose Temenos because their vision of accelerating growth through digital innovation matches our own. Our mission is to make simple, intuitive and user-friendly payment products that allow our customer to receive payments effortlessly, so they can focus on growing their business.”

David Liu, CEO and Director – Truevo
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