Temenos Payments

A universal end-to-end payments solution based on ISO 20022 standards and support for all payment types.

Product Overview

Single Universal Solution

A universal payment solution which can be used to process all payment types in all geographies. Local clearing and other formats can be configured using built-in integration tooling, and the solution supports the entire payment lifecycle from initial order capture to final message processing. This now extends to attested SWIFT Universal Confirmation capability with the solution confirming payments to the SWIFT gpi tracker.

Dedicated Order Management

A dedicated payment order capability enables you to selectively divert payments that are ready for execution directly to Temenos, with other payments being sent to your downstream systems for further processing. This capability improves customer experience and enhances processing efficiency.

Scalable & Cloud-Native

The solution is highly scalable and is built using cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. This means that it can elastically scale out and in as required by varying payment processing volumes, whilst allowing for efficient and resilient operation.

Instant Payments

Our standalone Instant Payments modules, support both domestic and SEPA schemes and are fully compatible with any scheme; adapting to changing scheme rules and individual needs.

Payments Repair

The Payments Repair module markedly improves straight-through processing (STP) rates by automatically repairing and enriching messages. This enables payment transactions to be conducted electronically without the need for re-keying or manual interventions.

Liquidity & Risk Management

Temenos Payments includes role-based dashboards, Nostro account views and risk filtering functionality.

Supporting Products

Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation

Covering watchlist screening, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and KYC, our uniquely flexible range of intelligent and versatile solutions enhance detection and reduce cost.

Measurable Success

99% +

99%+ improved STP rates


#1 best-selling payments system – IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2019


Payments Innovation of the Year. Temenos Payments Hub in the Cloud – FSTech Awards 2018

Why Temenos Payments?

Temenos Payments - Woman checking out using Square

The World’s Best-Selling Payment

Temenos has been supporting banks across all banking sectors with payment solutions ever since the program to deliver a new technology software package for payments was started in 2013. Customers range from some of the largest banks to the smallest, all of whom leverage the new technology and architecture of the solution to quickly deploy highly efficient payment processing operations.

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The Next Generation in Payments Technology

Temenos Payments takes the deep and extensive payment capabilities of Temenos Payments and re-platforms it onto a new, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform. This allows you to take advantage of the agile scalability, security and reduced operational costs that the cloud provides, while being easily upgradeable.

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Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics provide real-time and contextually relevant help when serving customers and designing new products. They are used to examine previous behavior and to provide predictive insights to guide decision-making, recommendations and design assistance.

Implementation strategies

Reduced Implementation Time

Temenos’ model bank approach together with the use of new implementation strategies focuses on delivering a fast go-live time to ensure that banks can be up and running with the Payments solution as quickly as possible, with an approach phased around targeting higher-value business areas for initial go-live.

Temenos - Financial Crime Mitigation

High STP

The solution is designed to operate at extremely high STP rates. This is enabled, in part, by the Payment Repair capability as well as by the configurable exception handling capabilities of the solution. The STP rate can be further improved by the use of elements of the Financial Crime Mitigation solution, in areas such as sanctions screening.

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Ease of Maintenance

The highly configurable nature of the solution means that your bank and your partners can easily maintain installation with recourse to software changes. This reduces both the cost and time involved in rolling out changes in response to changing regulations or the evolving competitive landscape.

Customer Success

Vancity – Success Story

Vancity built a position as the largest community credit union in Canada, but behind the scenes relied on aging solutions that did not provide sufficient customer information. To gain deeper…

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Truevo Success Story - Man wearing VR Headset

“We chose Temenos because their vision of accelerating growth through digital innovation matches our own. Our mission is to make simple, intuitive and user-friendly payment products that allow our customer to receive payments effortlessly, so they can focus on growing their business.”

David Liu, CEO and Director – Truevo
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You’re in Good Company

Temenos Platform

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

Lower costs with the elastic scalability, security, and control you need to shape your business.

APIs & Extensibility

Innovate faster with access to over 700 open APIs in the largest FinTech ecosystem.

Microservices & Containers

Microservice architectures enable continuous application upgrades and cloud scalability.

Distributed Database

Achieve true horizontal scalability in the database layer and operate on an active-active basis across multi-cloud.

Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps

Reduce cost and shorten software release cycles – code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon.

Security & Immutable Logging

Protect your bank from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security.

AI & Machine Learning

Explainable AI enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking by growing revenues, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Latest Insights

Payments Brochure

Temenos Payments is a universal payment solution that offers banks of any size, full centralization and real-time control over the processing of any type of payment from any channel or source.

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