Temenos Payments

Ensure scalability, compliance and innovation with a payments ecosystem providing next-gen payment processing.

The market view

Best of breed functionality with scalable performance

“Payments has always been part of the Temenos DNA, right from the start, when Temenos was founded, we were delivering payments processing and we have thousands of banks around the world who rely on Temenos to process their payments.”

Hear more from Mick Fennell, Business Line Director – Payments, as he explores the Temenos Payments ecosystem.

Why Temenos Payments?

Deliver quicker time to market for new payment product innovations, reduce costs and footprint for processing, ensure continuing compliance with ever-changing market regulations and actively protect both your bank and your customer from fraud and cybercrime. Our solution covers the complete payments lifecycle from order intake to clearing and settlement. It combines deep end-to-end functionality with the most advanced Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic, XAI, and API-first enabled payments technology. ​

Each product is designed to work successfully both individually or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premises, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit simple, complex and diverse needs. With highly configurable functionality, Temenos Payments can empower your financial institutions to extend and enhance capabilities through a suite of powerful tools and frameworks, maximizing efficiencies and optimizing risk controls. 

Optimized processing

Maximize automation and resilience with technology and services by prioritizing operational efficiency and profitability. With optimized straight-through processing rates, configurable business rules, and automated exception handling, we can support you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, minimize risks, and improve customer service.

This enables increased volumes without additional headcount, helping organizations maintain cost control.

Sustainable innovation ​

With Temenos Payments, progressive payment service innovations like BNPL, Digital Wallets and Request to Pay, are quickly deployable to your institution through our Payments Innovation Ecosystem, addressing real-world challenges to constantly elevate your bank’s payment capabilities. This is only possible with our industry-leading levels of investment, which allow us to continuously advance SaaS-first, sustainable payments processing innovation on the world’s leading technology platform in banking.

Regulation, compliance​ and protection

Offering a comprehensive solution, we enable payment providers around the world to meet their regulatory and business standard needs. We provide exceptional financial crime mitigation protecting your reputation, assets and customers. By relieving the burden of regulations and embedding the protection of customers, our clients can prioritize revenue-generating opportunities.

Empowerment ​

We empower payment providers to address their own needs by offering tools, capabilities, and trained resources to extend and enhance system functionality, accelerate time to market for new services, and create products using their own skills and resources without external limitations.

Scalability, resilience and security​

We operate on a robust and scalable platform, providing your bank with on-demand elastic scalability for processing high transaction volumes with low latency and frictionless processing. Our flexible scaling ensures cost optimization by paying only for utilized resources and meeting market mandates within designated timeframes. Our resilient deployment environment provides automated recovery, while 24/7 cloud security safeguards against malicious attacks, ensuring business protection and customer data integrity.

Breadth, depth and sophistication of functionality ​

Our single platform can support your financial institution with a wide range of payment functions, including instant credit transfers, direct debits, standing orders, cheques and more. It serves domestic and international payments and offers configurable workflows, exception management, intelligent routing and comprehensive analytics. The platform is augmented by the Temenos Exchange program, providing targeted added value functions and services from certified partners.


real-time, non-stop


end-to-end journey


straight through processing


higher Growth in Payments volumes

Key capabilities and benefits

• 20% R&D investment every year guarantees continued competitiveness
• Leverages platform
• Truly open solution architecture

• Highly configurable rules-based product set-up
• Flexible, granular, extendable process orchestration
• In-depth, ability to share data with customers
• Easy access to data

• Single, centralized hub for all payment types
• Flexible deployment and consumption options including SaaS
• Pre-integrated added value supporting services and innovations

• Single, centralized hub for all payment types
• Flexible deployment and consumption options including SaaS
• Pre-integrated added value supporting services and innovations

• Automated, accelerated and maximized processing efficiencies
• STP optimization with in-built intelligence
• Automated exception processing and management of risks

Temenos Payments Demo

This 5-minute wow demo provides customers and prospects with an overview of the value and benefits of Temenos Payments. In this persona-based demo, Teya Wilson, Head of Payments Banking at Finity Bank, has the challenge of driving systemic change that will enable them to transition into an instant and real-time world. Teya explores how they can strengthen their internal infrastructure with Temenos’ Payments platform. Learn more in this payments demo.

Instant Payments

Take a look at our combined demo of Temenos Payments, Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation and Temenos XAI, as we show you the power of instant payments.

Enterprise Payments Platform

Temenos Payments Hub (TPH) is an advanced, high performance, universal hub for efficient payment execution and distribution. TPH provides a single highly configurable and extensible platform for multi-jurisdictional, multi-entity, multi-currency, high and low value payment types and payment clearing rails. Available for implementation with any core banking system or processing environment.

The following are some of the important aspects of payments servicing that the platform supports:

Temenos Instant payments

Temenos Instant Payments, powered by TPH, is a full service, flexible, real-time payment solution that supports multiple and varied real-time instant payment schemes including both ISO20022 and non-ISO20022 schemes like SEPA Instant in Europe, UK Faster Payments and FedNow in the USA.

Payment repair

Temenos Payments Repair is a component that can be implemented as a fully integrated part of TPH or as a standalone service within any payments processing environment. It markedly improves straight-through processing (STP) rates by automatically repairing and enriching messages. Utilizing an extensive lexicon of Temenos maintained market data and pre-built industry best practice rules, each bank is enabled to significantly improve the payment service they provide.

Request to pay (R2P)

The Temenos Request To Pay server supports the communication flows between billers and payers, generating payment orders for execution in TPH or any other payment processing system. It can support multiple different R2P schemes within the same instance including the SEPA and UK standards out of the box.

Payment order management

A dedicated payment order capability enables the flexible onboarding and initial preparation of payments for onward routing and execution in TPH or any other payment processing system. This capability improves front end customer experience and enhances end-to-end processing efficiency.

Payment SaaS

Temenos provide a range of flexible deployment options for all payment solution propositions, but of increasing popularity is the consumption of these services through our market leading SaaS. We continue to invest and expand this service, natively supporting a range of public cloud options, reducing time to market and operational running costs for those banks that choose to subscribe and consume this secure and optimized service.

Swift GPI and confirmation

Temenos Payments is SWIFT gpi ready, offering full coverage for gCCT, gCOV and gSRP rulebooks. Temenos Payments is already compliant with Swift Confirmation, thus enabling banks to remain compliant, embrace new payments services as they appear, and provide an engaging customer experience.

Embedded analytics

Embedded analytics provide real-time and contextually relevant help when serving customers and designing new products. They are used to examine previous behavior and to provide predictive insights to guide decision-making, recommendations and design assistance.

Temenos Payments Innovations

Mick Fennell, Business Line Director, Payments, discusses our innovations in instant payments and operational efficiencies.

Customer success stories

Running the Temenos Payments platform across our international locations, we can harmonize our IT infrastructure. Temenos Payments plays a vital role in future-proofing our international payments strategy in a market where continuously evolving regulatory demands and rapid technological advancements demand agility and continuous innovation.”

Alex Room, Product Owner – Payments at ABN AMRO International

For new clients, we targeted a streamlined application journey that they could complete onboarding without fuss in just a few clicks within minutes and we wanted to enrich our service portfolio, adding advanced functionality such as real-time payments and 24/7 digital account access.”

Claire Robinson, Senior Compliance and Risk Officer at Hamilton Reserve Bank

We’re modernizing our payments framework, also based on Temenos’ payments engine. Temenos has the right technology, but also the US model bank has the regulatory support for us. We spent a lot of time with you working on it, and we believe it’s ready. But I’d also say that you have the people to deliver.”

David Roller, Chief Information Officer at Commerce Bank

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