Temenos Value Benchmark

A long term partnership to help you focus on business value

The Temenos Value Benchmark is an Industry-leading program with insights from over 135 banks and 65,000 data points to help banks optimize their technology investments and boost profitability. It is a customer value benchmarking and advisory service that provides C-level banking executives unique insights on how to optimize their technology investments to drive business value.

Temenos Value Benchmark is an industry-leading customer advisory service that distills Temenos’ almost 30 years of banking IP into powerful business insights for our clients. Every insight delivered to the bank is completely software-agnostic and based on interactive sessions between the bank’s executives and our strategy consultants across the entire banking value chain. This program is unique in terms of reach, number and type of banks and the depth of data and offers executive teams a blueprint on how to run a successful bank.

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos

Customer testimonials

“The green, amber and red scoring helped us to reflect on our strategy as we went to market and where we needed to deploy resources”

BlueShore Financial

“The investment was negligible it was about the people conducting the interviews and the post-conversation we had as a leadership team to read and reflect on the thorough report from the benchmark”

Alex Bank

“Without the Temenos Value Benchmark data to start with, I don’t even know how you could start to think about even running a bank…”

EQ Bank

“Temenos has a wealth of insights and information on banks worldwide”

Bank of Kigali

“These are questions that are really relevant to us as leaders of organsiations as well as our executive comittee and our board members, to make sure we are investing in the right places”


“The benchmark has been very well viewed by all levels of management and operations of the bank, including IT. We have the expectation that it will allow us to access best market practices on the use of the functionalities associated with Temenos Transact.”

IT Director, Bank in LATAM

“This is a zero risk engagement for me to identify how can I improve my business. I don’t see this benchmark as another sales tool that software vendors offer because Temenos has the right people who are consultants and not sales people to conduct the exercise.”

CEO, Bank in Asia Pacific

“I am quite pleased to see my bank is included by Temenos in their list of top strategic clients for this benchmark program which reflects strong partnership with Temenos, which is getting more strategic as we move along.”

CIO, Bank in Middle East

“This whole exercise was invaluable. It is very strategic and brings new perspectives for future growth.”

Head of Banking Systems Operations, Bank in Africa

“It was a very interesting and engaging session, and you touched upon all the pain points I have today.”

Director of Marketing, Bank in Africa

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