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At Temenos, everyone has the power to succeed, to create their own destiny and make a positive contribution to the world of banking

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Temenos is an exciting place to work and our biggest asset is our talented workforce. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, and by investing in our people’s development, we are able to attract and retain the best talent and ensure we continue to deliver unrivalled customer success.

If you’re interested in applying for a role with us, you’ll be invited to ‘Talk with Temenos’, that way we reduce the formalities and make you an equal partner in the hiring process.

Supporting your Professional & Personal development

We aim to support your career goals, professional development and growth.

We understand that investing in your education can be a significant financial commitment, and we want to help you achieve your career goals and increase your expertise within your current role and any potential future positions that may be of interest.

Whether you want to pursue a degree, certificate, or specialized training, we are here to help make that possible. We believe that by investing in you, we are investing in the future success of our company.

Family Friendly Benefits

We offer a range of family-friendly benefits including a week of paid leave for people who are getting married; paid maternity leave and paternity leave, both with the option to return to work gradually. These benefits also cover adoptive and foster parents.

We also offer paid leave for employees focusing on fertility treatment or surrogacy, and for women going through the menopause.

In addition, we encourage our people to maintain their wellbeing on an ongoing basis and allow four additional days of paid leave each year for time out to recharge.

These benefits apply to all Temenosians globally with additional country-specific programs on top.

Jayde Tipper, Chief People Officer, highlights some of our benefits at Temenos

Hybrid Working

We’ve always had a flexible approach to letting people decide how and where they work but since the pandemic, we’ve introduced hybrid working.

We believe that a hybrid approach combines the best of both worlds. Our success over the years has been based on our ability to connect and collaborate so we encourage people to work from the office when they can. At the same time, we also recognize the fundamental importance of flexibility and that work needs to work with people’s home lives in order for them to be at their best and most productive. Therefore, most people also have the option of working from home if the role allows it. Ultimately, we trust our people to take accountability for their work and agree the details with their manager.


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