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Research & development

Software that never becomes legacy.

20 %

20% of revenue spent on R&D, the highest rate in the


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41 of top 50 banks run Temenos

Computer technology

Outspending our peers on R&D

Temenos consistently spends 20% of its sales on R&D. To put this in perspective, this is more than twice the level of our closest competitors. Since we only make software for banking and finance, all of this money goes into our concentrated product portfolio. As a result, we are able to leverage all of the work we do together with our 3,000+ clients as well as all of the innovation from our labs.

Delivered with continuous release strategy

Our software is packaged and easily upgradable. The software that we are continuously building is made available to our clients through a continuous release process, including partial upgrades. Our clients can upgrade whatever part of their solutions they want, whenever they want, so they never fall behind and never risk running legacy software. Our clients never have to wait for long annual release cycles to be completed.

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Sticking to core principles

Temenos sticks to core principles around its R&D. We keep to principles of revolutionary technology, openness and cloud platform agnosticism. This means that all developments are made available to all clients. It means giving our clients a choice over what technology they run and never locking them into a particular stack. In addition, it means allowing third-parties to develop on our platform, using our Open APIs, to accelerate innovation and ensure our clients always have access to the latest technology and functionality.

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A proud record of innovation

Our philosophy could be summed up as constant functional enhancements coupled with the ongoing adoption of the most modern technology and technology management approaches. Temenos was the first vendor to run on open systems, to have a true 24×7 platform (with no batch), the first to put core processing into the public cloud and to have all services as RESTful. This history has been carried forward to provide our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform approach and powers our cloud and SaaS delivery capabilities.

Solutions for a connected world

Our industry solutions provide our clients with real-time, end-to-end digital solutions. They allow for maximum operational efficiency with maximum front office differentiation. They enable our clients to offer instant fulfillment expected in the digital world. They also provide rich, seamless customer experiences where the right services, personalized to individuals, are offered at the right time and through the right channel.

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Open APIs & developer community

All of our functionality is automatically available using our Open APIs, meaning that developers can keep abreast capabilities of Temenos’ products as they grow.

As part of this support for innovation, we have built a growing Developer Community comprising members drawn from customer, partners, FinTechs and other interested groups, providing access to the APIs a well as a dedicated web portal and forum. We are enthusiastic in encouraging third-party developers to quickly deploy innovations in a way which means that they can be used in conjunction with Temenos products to drive innovation and extend capability.

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Temenos MarketPlace

Temenos MarketPlace is a curated collection of FinTech providers whose solutions are pre-integrated into Temenos’ products. This means that Temenos clients can access the latest innovations from the market, and purchase and deploy them quickly to ensure that they address their evolving market needs as quickly as possible. We proactively manage this FinTech community to bring the best and latest industry developments to our clients.

Dan Dickinson at EQ Bank

“Temenos has a strong presence in Canada, and clearly understands the unique challenges of the market here – something vendors often overlook. Also, we were highly impressed with how much Temenos invests in research and development, which gives us reliable access to the most advanced new products.”

Dan Dickinson, Chief Information Officer – EQ Bank