Our Technology 

Create open and extendable banking services and solutions with Temenos’s cloud-native technology to accelerate time-to-market, build for agility, and reduce TCO.

The Temenos Banking Platform

To make sure all our clients reap the benefits from our innovation, we invest a market-leading R&D into our single code base. This ensures that all our clients across banking segments have access to the same scalable, cloud-native, extendable, and continually updated services and solutions, independent of whether we deliver this as SaaS (Temenos Banking Cloud), on cloud, or for on-premise deployments.

Temenos Highwater Benchmark Report

Access to elastic scalability, extreme performance, and open technology has become a hard requirement for our clients to participate in new banking models like embedded finance and BaaS. Learn how Temenos, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, and HID deliver record-breaking transaction performance and help banks achieve their sustainability goals on the Temenos Banking Platform

Faster innovation at lower cost 

Our open platform for composable banking allows you to rapidly assemble banking services, and create new financial solutions, fast. Break the shackles of incumbent systems, combining Temenos, third-party and existing capabilities to deliver new products and experiences. Our banking capabilities and real-time APIs enable plug and play integration with existing systems and the ecosystem of partners on the Temenos Exchange, while developers and FinTechs in the Temenos Developer Community can drive the next wave of innovation.

Evergreen evolution

Continuous delivery and updates are critical to reducing maintenance efforts and optimizing value. Our technology powers continuous operations to make long implementations, upgrades and the challenges of customization, a thing of the past. DevOps teams can speed up projects with a self-service portal and control the pace of development. Make high-impact changes frequently, predictably and with minimal resources. Flexibly manage, configure and assemble our software, whether on the Temenos Banking Cloud, your own cloud infrastructure, or on-premises.

Configured for speed 

We provide localized capabilities to speed up implementation with pre-wired solutions suitable for financial institutions in different sectors and geographies. This accelerates delivery, lowering the barrier to implementation with global and local best-practices for financial services. Focus on configuring the most high-impact aspects of the software to create the greatest value and competitive advantage. Our country Model Bank approach is based on our history and know-how of delivering software to financial institutions in 150 countries.

We provide the Temenos Banking Platform to financial services providers in all sectors and of all sizes. Our platform is available as end-to-end SaaS on the Temenos Banking Cloud, or can be deployed on all of the major cloud platforms, or even on-premises – always underpinned by a single common code base to ensure all our clients reap the benefits of our technological innovations.

Cloud-native and cloud-agnostic

Rely on cloud-native, cloud-agnostic technology and gain the benefits of event-driven open-APIs, elastic scaling, continuous operations, cloud security, and active-active resilience – whether you choose to deploy via Temenos SaaS, to your own cloud provider, or on-premises.

Our solutions are readily available on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Ali Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Huawei Cloud and other major cloud platforms. To address stringent regulatory compliance, our clients can easily consume software from the Temenos Banking Cloud in a multi-cloud deployment. With Temenos, institutions can deliver cloud-like deployment on-premises too with Kubernetes technology and open solutions like RedHat OpenShift.


We offer an API-first architecture across our entire range of capabilities to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external systems and help drive product and service innovation. Temenos banking capabilities are exposed as standard, documented Open APIs and this forms part of the design and release process.

We enable banks and fintechs to innovate at speed, with a growing developer community, low-code integration and a catalog of interactive API endpoints to build products and services on top of our open platform and banking capabilities.


Our extensibility framework enables clients to safely explore and deploy new banking services and capabilities. Configure or extend through low-code tooling leveraging the catalog of APIs and country model banks to accelerate time to value. Configuration and the extension of banking solutions can be executed independently, without impacting the upgradeability of underlying banking services.

The extensibility framework embeds DevOps to enable high-impact changes to be made frequently and predictably with minimal toil. It enables continuous updates, continuous integration and delivery and unmatched resilience that comes with release validation tests provided with every capability deployed and updated on the platform.

Distributed and event-driven architecture

Temenos Banking Capabilities are defined by their message schema which ensures that they are loosely coupled through an event-driven architecture. This means that the breadth of capabilities available on our open platform can be updated independently, eliminating the problems of distributed but monolithic solutions. By delivering our capabilities in this way, you can upgrade with ease, transform step-by-step, deliver high-speed change and significantly reduce time-to-market and value.


Our SaaS foundation offers rapid and elastic scale, benefiting from the highest levels of security. We build and deliver secure software solutions applying international security methodologies and best practices such as OWASP and SANS. We also create, implement, and maintain security policies and practices that address and adhere to AICPA/SSAE18 SOC2 principles.


To meet the SaaS demands of the financial industry, high availability, recoverability, and disaster recovery are critical for cloud and multi-cloud operations. We provide multiple availability zones for cloud-native workloads. Our components are deployed with the highest possible availability in the cloud. We provide additional redundancy services to increase the availability of cloud environments. Our high availability active-active service with geo-redundancy means you are protected from local and regional failures.


In today’s economy, banks are expected to perform around the clock. The Temenos Banking platform provides the elastic scalability to perfectly match demand and reduce carbon impact. Annually Temenos performs the Highwater Benchmark in cooperation with key partners to test the latest release of the Temenos Banking Platform, deployed in a production-representative scenario and stack. Learn what is possible in terms of elasticity, transaction performance, response times, efficiency, and sustainability in our Highwater Benchmark Report.

Frequently asked questions

We have thousands of clients around the world, of which 700 are SaaS clients. In 2011, we were the first vendor to put a core banking system onto the public cloud at a time when there were still skeptics who doubted the wisdom of the move.

Since then, cloud providers have continued to enhance their technology and widen their service offerings. In parallel, we reengineered our software to deploy natively within a cloud infrastructure to leverage these new capabilities for our clients. The Temenos Banking Cloud is provided as SaaS, and can also be deployed in private and hybrid cloud environments or in an on-premises setup using our cloud-like setup.

As financial institutions address the continuous flow of change within the modern banking industry, their underlying technology base has become a constraint in successfully supporting customer demands, easily leveraging the opportunities new technologies bring, utilizing new channels, and replacing end-of-life technology in an effective way.

With the reality of moving targets and an increasing need for agility and flexibility, simply re-investing in the monolithic architecture to create new services and products will not deliver a different outcome. With composable banking, we focus on the ability to allow banks to compose banking solutions from a variety of sources; from Temenos, from other fintech providers, and from the bank itself.

We have a dedicated GRC team following ISO 31000 methodology. Following a robust compliance and certification program, Temenos provides AICPA SOC 1 Type II,​ SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, and ISO certification including ISO 27001​, ISO 27017​, ISO 27018​ and ISO 22301.

The Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is specifically designed to provide cloud vendors with guiding and fundamental security principles and to assist prospective cloud customers in assessing the overall security risk of a cloud provider. We continuously assess and document our responses to illustrate alignment and compliance with the Cloud Control Matrix.

Temenos assists financial institutions in navigating highly complex regulatory environments. International Standards provide frameworks around which we can build our controls, ensuring that we align to industry best-practice, and can support our clients through compliance with regulatory bodies including FFIEC, EBA, FCA BaFIN, APRA, OSFI and SMV.

The Temenos Banking Cloud’s provision of services and supporting contractual documentation are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To rapidly create fully digital and seamless services, users of the Temenos Banking Cloud can utilize pre-integrated and certified fintech solutions from the Temenos Exchange. It helps financial services to select from a wide variety of leading fintech providers that are fully curated, assessed, and function like any other deployed service of the Temenos Banking Cloud.

Leveraging SaaS to innovate

Partial replacements, big-bang replacements, and sidecar cores: The banking industry has seen it all. But today banks can address their core modernization in a progressive way, where transformation is enabled by a modular platform approach to pave a rapid and secure modernization path. 

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