End-to-End Retail Banking

An open, cloud-native platform for agile retail banking transformation. Adapt at speed, drive contextual customer interactions and innovate around existing systems with composable front-to-back capabilities across the retail banking value chain.

The agile retail bank for lifestyle banking

A SaaS platform for retail banking to increase architectural flexibility, product agility, and customer engagement to deliver more personalized products and experiences, spur profitability and drive growth. Temenos’s cloud-native platform and microservices-enabled banking capabilities enable you to innovate fast and build for change. Assemble our capabilities across digital and core banking, payments, risk, data analytics, AI and more. Drop-in new services to innovate around existing cores, and create new solutions easily by combining Temenos and third-party capabilities. 

Disrupt the disruptors

Disintermediation, open banking regulation and the ability to scale at lower cost have made it easier for non-banks to launch innovative new products. Our platform, with digital and core banking capabilities, gives you the agility to rapidly create and launch new products fast, on a cloud-native platform. Our composable banking architecture empowers banks to progressively transform and win new business with innovative solutions and more contextual customer experiences.


Retail customers expect personalized products and services, and crave convenience. Our end-to-end retail banking solution enables relevant and personalized offers, supported by Explainable AI, and highly configurable products, pricing, services, and digital interactions across multiple channels. A flexible, cloud-native, cloud-agnostic platform for cost-effective core and digital modernization

Orchestrate the ecosystem

Whether composing new customer offers, finding the most relevant service distribution channels, or incorporating the latest technologies, successful banks will augment core and digital solutions with third-party fintech applications. Our event-driven open-API architecture, extensibility framework, and partner marketplace, Temenos Exchange, enable the rapid and continuous integration of capabilities and services from the wider ecosystem.

Specialized Solutions

A complete set of front-to-back capabilities, delivered on an open platform for composable banking, enables retail banks to rapidly launch new products and services and adapt to customer needs, while reducing the risk and time associated with replacement projects. By combining best-of-breed digital and core banking capabilities, with third-party and incumbent applications, retail banks can progressively renovate their IT landscape and deploy new services faster, more cost-effectively, and at scale.

Reduce total costs

and future proof with cloud-native SaaS


product innovation and time-to-market

Extend and configure

with low-code tools and localized software 

Scale elastically

on the Temenos Banking Cloud

Proactive services and risk

management with Explainable-AI

Compose your own bank

and innovate with pre-configured banking capabilities

Measurable success 


better cross-sell*


higher front office STP*


higher operations STP*


more of IT spend on growth and innovation*

*Comparison from Temenos CEO Navigator between banks live with Temenos Enterprise Solutions and Services and those who are not

Temenos Retail Banking Demo

This 5-minute wow demo provides customers and prospects with an overview of the value and benefits of Temenos Retail Banking. In this persona-based demo, Roxanne Reid, Head of Retail Banking at Affinity Bank, has the challenge of ensuring that her products and bank continue to cater to ever changing customer demands while offering actionable insights and personalized offers. Roxanne explores Temenos’ Retail banking which can proactively respond to a customer, offer curated packages, rewards, and perks, and fulfill customer needs where and when they want them. Explore more in this retail banking demo.

Temenos Retail Banking Modernization Demo

Explore the value and benefits of Temenos Banking Cloud for retail banking modernization. In this demo, Inno Bank are looking to modernize their technology to react faster to market, client and regulatory demands.

Find out more

about our solution for end-to-end retail banking

The Gartner Magic Quadrant lists Temenos as a market-leader, which inspired a lot of confidence. Temenos also has proven experience helping many other challenger banks to launch quickly. We liked how easy it is to customize Temenos solutions, along with the rich API capabilities, which would help us connect with partners and support Open Banking initiatives.”

Cristina Toniazzo 
Head of Happiness, Caring & Services Operations, Flowe 

The new Digital Bank will deliver a truly differentiated and exciting experience. Importantly, Virgin Money Australia is uniquely positioned to build on existing relationships with more than 200,000 loyal customers and a home loan portfolio that has quickly grown to more than $3 billion to effectively compete in the Australian market with challenger and incumbent banks alike.” 

Greg Boyle
CEO, Virgin Money Australia  

Temenos Core Banking met our key functional and technological requirements, and includes excellent capabilities for managing lending and deposits, and general ledger administration that we plan to roll out gradually.”

Frantisek Kubala
Head of Core Banking
Komerční banka

Temenos offers an excellent long-term roadmap for client mobile banking that helps us to understand where the market is heading, and how we can harness new functionality to stay ahead. Whatever the future holds, we know Temenos will provide the expertise and solutions we need to innovate and succeed.” 

Kyra Arcia Marcano 
Chief of Innovation and Marketing, Banco Bolivariano 

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Attract and onboard new customers 

We recognize that improving existing customer engagement and increasing share of wallet, while also attracting new customers and increasing conversion rates, is a key strategic priority. Temenos helps you do all of this by enabling you to achieve faster time-to-market across all channels, and deliver differentiated and highly personalized product offers to convert prospects into customers, with seamless onboarding capabilities for the optimal customer experience. 

Enhance customer loyalty 

To maximize wallet share and revenue explore your existing customer base and find new opportunities to offer financial products that help them achieve their life goals. Our embedded analytics with conversational customer insight and experience engine allows you to do this based on actionable and contextual insights and digital marketing campaigns. 

Customer personalization 

Retail banking is based on understanding customers and then designing, creating and marketing new products that directly address or anticipate their needs. Our retail banking software leverages embedded predictive analytics to help you better understand your customers. With flexible experience and product engines, you can provide relevant and precise products at the right time. 

Agile core banking and products 

With our flexible product design capabilities implement new services and create new products in hours, not days or months – and at a fraction of the cost. Our extensive API catalogue and low-code extensibility framework enable system and capability extensions and innovations which can be created and deployed easily and quickly. 

Next-generation payments

Accelerate growth, increase process efficiencies, and enhance service innovations with SaaS-first, next-generation payments technology. Our solution capabilities cover the complete payments lifecycle from order intake to clearing and settlement. Our solutions are designed to work successfully both separately or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit simple, complex and diverse needs of customers.

Accurately detect financial crime

Covering watchlist screening, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and KYC, our uniquely flexible range of intelligent and versatile solutions enhance detection and reduce cost.

Manage risk

Address fraud, remain compliant with regulations and manage risk with our modular products for regulatory compliance.

Reduce time-to-market 

Fast time-to-market is not only predicated on design but also on how quickly marketing campaigns and other digitally-available supporting materials can be created. Our end-to-end retail banking solution allows you to do precisely this, with an integrated front-to-back capability where needed, or an API-driven quick integration strategy where it’s more relevant. 

Efficiently localize

Regional functionality for over 150 countries using our packaged model bank framework to go-live faster.

The rise of public cloud in banking and stances on cloud security

Lower total cost of ownership 

Technology, and our customers’ expectations, change faster than ever. We understand the constraints of fixed costs, infrastructure and operational models. We can help cut through those with cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions that can be run on-premise or in the cloud. 

The changing landscape of Retail Banking: Digital channels and embedded financial services

As pressures to transform banking operations increase, consumer interest continues to shift from traditional channels to digital engagement, only adding to the urgency for change. The retail banking sector has drastically changed over the last 10 years because of technological improvements and shifting consumer preferences, and it continues to evolve in how it delivers products and services.

Go big on social impact: Financial health and education

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues have taken center stage on every organization’s agenda over the years. The environment, or the E in ESG, has been the focus. But recent worldwide events—the pandemic, its repercussions, the cost-of-living crisis, and economic developments— have propelled another crucial ESG component—social.