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Customer Support & Services

With over 1,600 Temenos installations of all types worldwide, our Customer Support packages offer tailored solutions, to give you the flexibility to choose the level of support you need.

Your success is our success

Once we have helped you implement your Temenos software solution, our next job is to help you extract maximum value and performance from your investment.

Our support program enables you to mitigate risk by ensuring operational stability. It optimizes the performance of your IT solution and allows you to benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and maximize investment returns.

We offer Customer Support for our entire product range, enabling you to log, query, discuss and resolve any operational issue that you may experience during the use of the software solution – safe in the knowledge that you have access to the excellent support system offered by Temenos.

Our Customer Support packages offer tailored solutions, to give you the flexibility to choose the level of support you need. We offer both Standard and Premium Support:

Premium support services

Temenos offers three enhanced offerings providing increasing levels of support: Silver, Gold and Platinum

These premium support packages offer all the features and benefits of our Standard Support package, along with the below support. Find out more in our brochure.

Onsite support

  • Dedicated onsite support
  • Dedicated support managers
  • Tighter service level agreements, delivering faster responses to meet your business demands
  • Seamless access to Expert Services and Training
  • Defect management
  • System optimization

Our Premium Support offerings result in smooth-running systems with maximized productivity. That’s why our support options typically:

  • Deliver up to 80% reduction in outstanding issues
  • Reduce your close-of-business times by 50%
  • Establish 99.9% channel transaction efficiency.

Standard support

Our standard support offerings provide you with:

  • 24/7 access to our critical call center
  • Access to the Customer Support Portal so you can perform the following:
    • Log and resolve incidents
    • Download Software Updates
    • Access knowledge base, case studies
    • Access to support managers

Customer services

We Understand The Power Of Expertise

Software is only part of the Temenos equation. Implementation, performance optimisation, integration, administration, maintenance, upgrade, training and support are all part of the comprehensive service package you can expect when you invest in a Temenos software solution.

We have amassed unparalleled expertise in making software solutions go further, work harder and deliver more – for longer and at lower cost.

Our core banking product is consistently ranked as the first or second best-selling core banking software platform worldwide. Plus we deliver a range of complementary solutions for mobile and internet banking, business intelligence, wealth management, treasury and anti-money laundering protection.

That’s why we understand what it takes to protect, optimise and develop your mission-critical banking and financial services software investments – delivered to you through Temenos Services.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Software security – reporting vulnerabilities

Temenos is committed to providing secure software through the application of preventive and assurance measures and treat any contributions relating to our products with the utmost importance and priority.