Exchange Solutions


Codat makes accounting integration simple. Through a single API, financial service providers can easily access accurate contributed accounting data from their small business customers.


The Edgenexus EgeADC is a leading application delivery controller (aka load balancer), that enables highly efficient load balancing and high availability for your Temenos core banking servers, and delivers reliable and efficient access.


Digital Policy Policies & SOPs Digitization and Management Platform Resources Ops Central Enables Process Optimization by performing Business Process Observability Resources Risk Central Measure and Monitor Operational Risk & Resilience…


GreenArc is an AI driven impact analytics fintech, with an Industry-first solution for measuring, quantifying and reporting the impact of private debt investments.


Greenomy’s mission is to digitalise sustainability reporting from end-to-end, to vulgarise the EU Taxonomy and upcoming new Taxonomies worldwide helping banks to measure their sustainability levels and make the transition towards a more sustainable economy.


Origami™️ is a digital transformation solution enabling organizations to convert all kinds of paper – based procedures into an optimized digital paperless alternative with ZERO integrations or modifications to their existing software or IT environment components regardless of its age or technology


Manage the entire content lifecycle while ensuring security and compliance for all your banking operations

Nexus FrontierTech

The Nexus AI engine ingests multiple data types and uses Intelligent Document Processing and Natural Language Processing to turn unstructured data into accurate, actionable and valuable intelligence.


Pannovate is an orchestration layer and Banking-as-a-Service enabler, with 150 APIs and a network of 47 truly agnostic vendors from processors to KYC providers and BIN sponsors.


Your experienced strategic technology partner for your card management systems and innovative payment solutions.


REGDATA heaquartered in Switzerland (Lausanne) is the holder of the proprietary RPS (RegData Protection Suite) software which allows for the protection of confidential data and the provision of real-time compliance reports (EU-GDPR, FINMA, ECB, etc.).


Deliver tax control and reporting compliance across your financial institution and its branches through a centralized reporting model.

Supercharge your Bank with KOBIL

KOBIL is an all-in-one suite of high-secure digital identity technology provider, empowering businesses for sustainable growth via platform business models. With a low-code, modular development framework called KOBIL Superapp Framework, build platforms with mini-apps to supercharge the customer experience with multi-sided platform of yours. Compatible with Temenos platforms and more, prioritize seamless user experience on authentication and security with KOBIL.


Issuing and processing of card and mobile digital payments products and Merchant and ATM Acquiring, all on a single platform, delivered either on-premises or in the Cloud, anywhere in the world.


Wise is a global technology company, building the best way for people, businesses and financial institutions to move money around the world. More than 10 million customers use Wise - whether sending money to another country or making and receiving international business payments, Wise is on a mission to save customers money.