Exchange Solutions

6 Sigma – Automated Credit Applications

The Credit Application module is fully automated end-to-end credit automation segment of the system where Users can create and submit credit applications for risk rated Obligors.

6 Sigma – IFRS 9 and ECL Calculations

The IFRS 9 Module captures Expected Losses at facility, obligor and portfolio levels, and is unique in providing flexibility in the calculation of Expected Credit Losses.

6 Sigma – Portfolio Risk Rating (PRR) and Stress Testing

The PRR Module provides facility risk rated listing of exposures by industries, countries, portfolios, product and collateral types. It is used in stress testing the portfolio and provides the means to direct stratgy within the bank by product, industry and target market (hence adherance to Basel's Principle 3 of Managing Credit Risk).

6 Sigma – Valuation Module

The valuation module involves a complete due diligence (risk rating) and an evaluation of a company or an asset using DCF and Multiples.