Security By Design, Privacy By Default

eXate provides flexibility around data protection with respect to customer data within Temenos focusing on embedding Dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) alongside variety of data protection techniques such as Encryption, tokenisation as well as Dynamic Data Masking to enable the following: Customer privacy and Principles Of Least Privilege, Segregation of duties, supporting requirements from regulators to hold encryption keys in country and consistent and centralised policy enforcement both inside and outside the Temenos ecosystem.


Discovery And Remediation

Analyse your data estate and be advise of any privacy or security issues or risks that may exist.

Data Access Management

Quickly and easily revoke or allow access to datasets or individual dataset attributes using the relevant techniques, for the right consumer, in the right form.

Audit And Reporting

Instantly know who is accessing your data and remediate data problems based upon real-time insights.

Policy Management

Automatically and consistently apply policies as opposed to storing in a word document or pdf on the intranet, and leaving the wording open to interpretation.


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