Data privacy is hard.
eXate makes it easy.

eXate’s purpose-built platform changes the way data is accessed and democratised globally, accelerating innovation and optimising efficiency by providing a secure, centralised, and intuitive solution that offers full compliance while harmonising a business’s current PET landscape.


Scalable and Fast

Discover data leakage and protection risks in your organization.

Quickly deploy rules that remediate data risks within your APIs and services.

Container-based deployment model to run anywhere.

Data Access Control

Deploy real-time organisational data visibility controls within any service.

Quickly and easily revoke or allow access to datasets or individual dataset attributes.

Share and protect 3rd party data – even beyond your operational borders.


Instantly know who is accessing your data and for why.

Easily demonstrate your compliance with business or geographical regulations.

Quickly remediate data problems based upon real-time insights.


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