Temenos Fellows

An inspirational group of individuals, changing the banking technology landscape.

Temenos is proud to recognize people who have made an outstanding contribution to the company through its Fellowship Program, which was founded in 2022. Temenos Fellows are exemplary individuals whose expertise, forward thinking and inspirational leadership have had a truly outstanding impact on the company and the wider financial technology industry.

Fellowship is the ultimate recognition for Temenos’ technical experts. Read more about their experiences, achievements and passions.

Meet Our Fellows

We hear from some of the Temenos Fellows on what the honor means to them and how they plan to pay it forward.

Founding Fellows

Brian Barrett

Cloud Chief Architect

“The way I value my career is by looking at how many people I’ve nurtured in the company. It’s about instilling confidence and self-belief.”

Rick Banat

Global Competence Lead for Private Banking
“Leave Temenos? Never. This software’s my baby. I love looking after it.”

Tony Coleman

Chief Technology Officer

“Just being able to create an environment where people are able to say ‘I don’t understand’ is one of the most powerful things we can do.”

Hani Hagras

Chief Science Officer

“We’re unique in this [explainable artificial intelligence], ahead of anyone else in the world.”

Maurya Murphy

Product Director

“I always work with a start-up mentality. It keeps you curious about what you do and makes you more commercially minded.”

Sonsoles Perucho Antona

Global Go-To-Market Director

“When you’re selling the right software to a bank… you’re helping people to be empowered to do the things they love and want to do. It’s amazing.”

Sathya Ram Gopalan

Chief Technical Architect

“After 24 years with Temenos, I still see myself as a developer. Staying close to the product and the code has helped me be who I am in this company.”

John Schlesinger

Chief Enterprise Architect

“People who want to be technologists can join Temenos and know they can get to the top.”

Priya Sugandh

Product Director
“I don’t enjoy things that can be easily accomplished. I’m not a clean-desk-at-the-end-of-the-day sort of person.”

Phil White

Product Director

“The product focus is always there. If it hadn’t been, I don’t think Temenos would be as successful as it is.”

Honorary Fellows

Max Chuard

Max Chuard

Former CEO
“When you move on it’s nice to know you have played an important role, that you have some kind of legacy”

Tim Harrington

Tim Harrington

Global Competency Leader for Management Consulting

“Tim was always great fun to be with and the most friendly guy to work with. He was the first person at Temenos to take me out for dinner—we had some drinks and talked about how to improve things. He was always calm; he really knew his stuff,” says Phil White, Product Director.

Emeritus Fellows

André Loustau

André Loustau

Former Chief Technology Officer

“Dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. Never let anything go. Nothing can be [left as] good enough. Good enough is not good. In software, good enough catches up with you.”

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