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Webinar Series: The Power of Marketing in Uncertain Times

You won’t want to miss this thought-provoking series for marketers by marketers kicking off May 7th with best-selling author Seth Godin! Stay up to date on what the best bank marketers at financial institutions across the country are doing during these unprecedented times to better serve their communities.

Webinar Series: Your Growth Starts Now

Join this 3-part series to find out firsthand how institutions of all sizes are navigating the new normal. For bank execs by bank execs, this series features practical conversations with leading American bank execs. Join your peers and become part of the conversation.
Industry Event

The Future of Banking Week

Temenos is proud to be part of this years #FOBWEEK. The future of banking week is a 3-day, online, digital banking event. Every day of the event will bring together industry leaders to discuss the future of banking in keynotes and panels on a virtual stage.

How to launch a Neobank in 90 days?

Neobanks need the following three key elements: Resilience for performance and robustnessRapid responsiveness to prevailing market forces and fluid customer demands; andSpeed to market With the COVID-19 outbreak, launching a…

Tech Talk: Gearing up for Temenos Data Lake and Explainable AI

We'll talk about real-time data streaming, GUI-based data engineering, and cloud-based operational data stores (ODS). You'll learn how Temenos is bringing black box models to explain decisions through the Temenos XAI platform. An understanding of Kafka or any pub/sub platform would be helpful.

Turbo Charge Your UI Game with Design Best Practices for Omnichannel Banking

This course will provide the fundamentals of designing and architecting banking applications built on the Quantum platform. You will learn the advantages and paradigms of different application channels, including responsive web, as well as native applications, and even wearables. Financial user journey case studies will be presented, giving insight into how a user journey is built in a bespoke fashion, tailored to the given channel. Best practices will be infused throughout, including those considered in application design, development, prototyping, and user testing.