Banking Software in Middle East Africa

Experience the power of cloud-agnostic, XAI-driven APIs with our real-time software solutions for financial institutions across Middle East and Africa.

The MEA banking sector faces unique challenges such as low financial inclusion and legacy infrastructure. However, opportunities exist with the rise of fintech, increasing smartphone adoption, and a young population. Digital transformation and innovation are crucial to unlocking the potential of the region’s banking industry. Advancements in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and mobile banking have the potential to revolutionize the sector, enabling financial institutions to better serve their customers and drive growth.

Digital Transformation

The banking industry in the Middle East and Africa has been undergoing a significant digital transformation, driven by changing consumer expectations, technological advancements, and regulatory reforms.

Banks are increasingly adopting digital technologies to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and offer innovative financial products and services.

Banks will be focusing on digital channels, mobile banking, online payment solutions, and personalized digital experiences to cater to the growing tech-savvy population.

Financial Inclusion and Emerging Markets

Many countries in the Middle East and Africa are characterized by a large unbanked or underbanked population.

Governments and financial institutions in the region have been actively promoting financial inclusion initiatives to bring these individuals into the formal banking sector.

Banks are expanding their reach to underserved regions and populations by leveraging mobile banking, agent banking, and innovative financial solutions tailored to the needs of emerging markets.

Competition from Non-bank financial institutions

Increasing pressures from non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) are forcing banks to compete for customers and market share. NBFIs offer a wider range of financial services than banks and often have lower fees. Additional growth drivers include the rise of the middle class, the growth of the internet and mobile technology, and the need for financial services that are tailored to specific needs, such as microfinance.

The growth of NBFIs is a challenge, but it also presents an opportunity. Banks that can adapt to the changing market dynamics will be well-positioned to succeed in the years to come.

End-to-End Retail Banking

An open, cloud-native platform for agile retail banking transformation. Adapt at speed, drive contextual customer interactions and innovate around existing systems with composable front-to-back capabilities across the retail banking value chain.

End-to-End Business Banking

A SaaS-first, cloud-agnostic solution that enables financial institutions to deliver tangible value to small and medium businesses from onboarding to origination, servicing, advisory and cross-sell.

Integrated Corporate Banking

Assemble cross-product line solutions for corporate customers linking directly to their financial systems using open APIs. 

Wealth Management

Empowering portfolio and relationship managers to differentiate, innovate and optimize with a composable end-to-end solution.

Fund Administrators

single, global platform to help the world’s leading Fund Administrators enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

Islamic Banking

A flexible, efficient and award-winning solution enabling Shari’ah compliant innovation, scalability and digital engagement with your clients.

“The open technology platform provided by Temenos is flexible, global-ready and has the breadth of banking services to meet our clients’ fast-developing banking needs.”

Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO

“Of all solutions we considered, Temenos offered the most comprehensive set of Islamic finance capabilities.”

Ahmed Anwar, Strategic Projects Advisor

“To achieve our growth objectives, we needed a much more advanced and scalable back-end platform, which would enable us to develop and launch new banking services quickly. We also wanted faster, streamlined onboarding and origination processes. This would not only improve efficiency and save time for our internal teams, but also ensure a seamless customer experience.”

Tielman Walters, Chief Technology Officer at Barko Financial Services

“Having used the system for around a decade, we thought we understood the system very well. While Temenos specialists confirmed our views, we also realised that we had a lot more to learn. The specialist knew the system inside out and much better than we did.”

Abdul Razac, Head of IT

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