About Us


Temenos’ culture powers the company. We define it as ‘TEMENOSITY’ because this single word captures the spirit of who we are and how we make things happen: collaboratively, dynamically and boldly.

TEMENOSITY: Our ‘Secret Sauce’

It drives us to make our ecosystem and community successful and innovative

It captures who we are, what we deliver for our clients and the unique way our people do it

It’s what got us to where we are today and it will continue to propel us forward

TEMENOSITY – Discover our culture and join the team!

TEMENOSITY is the magic that makes Temenos, Temenos. We say that our people have it, that our clients have it and that our partner community has it too. TEMENOSITY represents our shared commitment to each other, it captures how we see things differently and it describes how we work together to fulfil our Passion to make banking better, together.

Our values are the unique ingredients that makeup TEMENOSITY. We call them the 4 Cs:

We challenge

the status quo, try to look at things differently and drive change. The power to create your own future in an open-minded environment, where great ideas and innovation can come from everyone and everywhere.

We commit

with determination and persistence to make things happen. The experience of contributing to and learning from a team of passionate professionals who are committed to the digital transformation of banking services.

We collaborate

within Temenos and across a broader partner ecosystem. The opportunity to work in a global and diverse team with a dynamic community of influential banks, challengers, global disruptors, and leading partner brands all around the world.

We care

and listen to each other, our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. A place where you are heard, you can be your true self every day, and where you can play a role in tackling some of the most important social and environmental challenges.

Award-Winning Temenosity

Temenos was named the winner of the ‘Culture in a Crisis’ category at the Business Culture Awards 2020 in recognition of teamwork, agility, solidarity and commitment shown by Temenos employees to the banking community through the Covid-19


House of Temenos

Following the success of our technovela series in the LATAM region we have taken Casa de Temenos global… Introducing ‘House of Temenos’ where we will be sharing Temenosian stories from around the world.

The Temenos Key

At Temenos, we have a philosophy that says ‘people are the key’. Temenos was founded on this ethos and the Temenos Key was created, to be worn by Temenosians, as a physical reminder of the integrity, commitment, and care with which we do business.

The keys are given to employees on milestone work anniversaries as a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty and dedication to Temenos.

1 year key


5 year key

18 carat gold

10 year key

Gold key with one sapphire stone

15 year key

Gold key with a sapphire and emerald stone

20 year key

Gold key with a sapphire, an emerald stone and a diamond

25 year key

Gold key with three diamonds

30 year key

Gold key with four diamonds

What Temenosians say

Inside Temenos – Kanika Hope

“At Temenos you are empowered to take the initiative; autonomy and responsibility go hand in hand here, and this is why the company is continuously evolving and innovating”

Inside Temenos – Abhishek

“The knowledge, experience and skills i gained across my roles have helped me develop & take on new challenges. The learning curve is huge is Temenos, offering the “full package” in terms of career progression”

Inside Temenos – Vincent

“Temenos truly offers each employee the means to be successful in their career without sacrificing personal life, and for me this is the essential rocket fuel that keeps me going everyday.”

Celebrating 25+ years of seeing things differently

Every year we celebrate the day we were founded because it reminds us how far we’ve come and how we remain committed to our mission. On 16 November 2018 we celebrated 25 years of Temenos, a truly momentous milestone. Here’s how our employees marked the occasion:

And this is what our chairman and founder had to say about it:

Andreas Andreades – Chairman

George Koukis – Temenos Founder