About Us


Temenos’ culture powers the company. We define it as ‘TEMENOSITY’ because this single word captures the spirit of who we are and how we make things happen: collaboratively, dynamically and boldly.

TEMENOSITY: Our ‘Secret Sauce’

TEMENOSITY is the magic that makes Temenos, Temenos. We say that our people have it, that our clients have it and that our partner community has it too. TEMENOSITY represents our shared commitment to each other, it captures how we see things differently and it describes how we work together to fulfil our Passion to make banking better, together.

Our values are the unique ingredients that makeup TEMENOSITY. We call them the 4 Cs:

We challenge

the status quo, try to look at things differently and drive change. The power to create your own future in an open-minded environment, where great ideas and innovation can come from everyone and everywhere.

We commit

with determination and persistence to make things happen. The experience of contributing to and learning from a team of passionate professionals who are committed to the digital transformation of banking services.

We collaborate

within Temenos and across a broader partner ecosystem. The opportunity to work in a global and diverse team with a dynamic community of influential banks, challengers, global disruptors, and leading partner brands all around the world.

We care

and listen to each other, our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. A place where you are heard, you can be your true self every day, and where you can play a role in tackling some of the most important social and environmental challenges.

What does Temenosity Values mean to us?

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Our Temenos Key Story

At Temenos, we have a philosophy that says ‘people are the key’. Temenos was founded on this ethos and the Temenos Key was created, to be worn by Temenosians, as a physical reminder of the integrity, commitment, and care with which we do business.

The keys are given to employees on milestone work anniversaries as a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty and dedication to Temenos.

Milestone Work Anniversaries at Temenos

1 year key


5 year key

18 carat gold

10 year key

Gold key with one sapphire stone

15 year key

Gold key with a sapphire and emerald stone

20 year key

Gold key with a sapphire, an emerald stone and a diamond

25 year key

Gold key with three diamonds

30 year key

Gold key with four diamonds

Temenos team

Diversity, equity & inclusion

At Temenos, we are committed to knocking down barriers so everyone can be themselves and thrive. That starts with our own teams. We know this is the right thing to do, and we also know that having different viewpoints fuels our innovation. It provides different perspectives and better collaboration to serve our customers and enables us to find and keep the best people in our industry to make better solutions.

We are global company, and we must reflect the diverse world we work in. We are committed to an inclusive workforce that fully represents the many different cultures and backgrounds within our organization, and that of our customers, our partners, and our communities.

Wellbeing at Temenos

At Temenos, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our people and creating a healthy and safe work environment. Caring for others is one of our guiding values at Temenos, and as a result, our people’s wellbeing is a top priority. We want to ensure that the Temenos people experience is a positive one.

Temenos Volunteers: Giving back to the community

We have an active group of volunteers who contribute to projects all over the world. Some do this by raising money for charitable initiatives and others take on environmental challenges to help make the world a greener place. All employees are encouraged to join our ‘Mission Earth team’ and take a pledge to take on a small sustainability activity or a mindful task such as growing their own vegetables or community litter collection.

Meet our Alumnis

Our Temenosians love to innovate and challenge the status quo, it’s in their DNA. That mindset doesn’t stop when they leave Temenos, and we’re proud to have an Alumni network that’s one of the most diverse and innovative networks of talent in the IT sector and the world.

Become part of a winning team

Temenos is an exciting place to work and our biggest asset is our talented workforce. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, and by investing in our people’s development, we are able to attract and retain the best talent and ensure we continue to deliver unrivalled customer success.