Banking Software in Europe

Cloud native, compliant banking software empowering banks to grow through customer engagement, product personalization, and AI optimization.

Banking in Europe is driven by growth resulting from the digitization of commerce and the adoption of new technologies. Client demands and the opening of new possibilities are producing a revolution in the sector, and banks are finding it increasingly necessary to keep up with the competition to attract and retain clients and to maximise their operating margins.

Embedded Finance

Banks grow by being relevant to their clients; offering targeted products at the right time. Embedding finance products into non-banking businesses gives them immediate scale in acquiring new clients, and increases client engagement and satisfaction. 

This is delivered using Banking-as-a-Service delivered as SaaS, offering instant scalability and the technology to easily embed other services from the surrounding ecosystem.   

Modernize and Digitize 

Banks exist in a digitally connected world, where consumers expect immediate and relevant services. Many banks have already started on their modernization journeys, but the increasing speed of customer and market expectations mean that the pace of innovation is forever increasing. 

We offer a platform for digitization, modernization, and innovation which can help all banks to leverage the cloud to create relevant products in record time, innovating across business boundaries to provide the best solution. 

Embracing Small Businesses 

Small businesses are a fast growing sector, attracting attention from banks seeking to grow customers and profitability. The sector is very diverse, and success is built upon engaging with the specific finance needs of each sector and business around working capital, cash management, analytics and payments. 

Our solution allows banks to create focused packages of finance capabilities and products, supported by XAI to ensure that the small business customers can make the best use of all the facilities offered. 

Retail Banking

An open, cloud-native platform for agile retail banking transformation. Adapt at speed, drive contextual customer interactions and innovate around existing systems with composable front-to-back capabilities across the retail banking value chain.

Business Banking

A SaaS-first, cloud-agnostic solution that enables financial institutions to deliver tangible value to small and medium businesses from onboarding to origination, servicing, advisory and cross-sell.

Corporate Banking

Assemble cross-product line solutions for corporate customers linking directly to their financial systems using open APIs.

Wealth Management

Empowering portfolio and relationship managers to differentiate, innovate and optimize with a composable end-to-end solution.


A single, global platform to help the world’s leading Fund Administrators enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

“We selected Temenos as our technology partner to future-proof the ongoing growth of our private bank. Working closely with Temenos and our implementation partner, Cognizant we experienced a smooth go-live. I am excited as this is a big step for ABN AMRO in harmonizing our IT infrastructure and speeding up digitization.”

Friso Westra, Head of IT Development Core Banking International

“With many service providers, setting up a core banking environment is a long, complex process; with Temenos, we were building demo environments in weeks.”

Cristina Toniazzo, Head of Happiness, Caring & Services Operations

“Temenos offered a very useful low-code platform that would allow our teams to develop the new mobile app in JavaScript and bring new front-end features to market rapidly.”

Lorenzo Villa, Head of Touchpoints, IT Department

“Referenceability was key for us. We wanted a product that was proven in a similar size bank in Ireland using the capabilities that we were going to use and we got that from talking to some of Temenos customers. Secondly, we understood from these customers that Temenos really works with you to overcome issues to hit their dates, and in a large program that’s really important that you can be dependent on your vendor.”

Paudie Bell, Head of Core Transformation

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