Banking Software in North America

Cloud-agnostic, API-first and XAI-driven, real-time solutions powering innovation for Financial Institutions across North America.

Banking in the US & Canada is continuously transforming. They face fundamental restructuring due to regulations, competition, and cross-industry challengers with better economic models. To compete in the new normal, banks need to embrace new partnerships, identify new sources of revenue and modernize legacy technology stacks.

Embedded Banking

Customers across the US & Canada are increasingly expecting financial services that are seamlessly integrated into their transactions and everyday lives – invisible banking. Our digital banking capabilities, delivers outstanding banking customer acquisition and onboarding journeys, for account opening, loan applications, KYC due diligence and wealth onboarding.

Enhance Agility and Responsiveness

With banks under pressure from existing and new competitors, speed and agility to launch new products and services to meet customer needs are critical. Successful banks will augment core and digital solutions with third-party fintech applications. Our event-driven open-API architecture, extensibility framework, and partner marketplace, Temenos Exchange, enable the rapid and continuous integration of capabilities and services from the wider ecosystem.

Modernize Legacy Technology

To stay competitive, banks should adopt digital-first business models and hybrid-cloud core technology stacks, leveraging data and analytics to create personalized customer experiences. This approach can help reduce costs, drive innovation, and uncover new revenue streams, allowing banks to thrive in a rapidly changing industry. Temenos cloud-native platforms for banking and payments deliver great experiences for your customers, while helping you create efficient processes, improve productivity and reduce both risks and costs.

Credit Unions

Enhance operational efficiencies and reduce member friction with our end-to-end solution for credit unions. A cloud-native, cloud-agnostic solution for member onboarding, consumer and small business lending, collections and recovery, and digital banking.

End-to-End Retail Banking

Open, cloud-native platform – offering complete set of front-to-back capabilities – for agile retail banking transformation. Rapidly launch new products and services, adapt to changing customer needs, while reducing risk and time associated with replacement projects.

End-to-End Business Banking

Optimize conversions, improve customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty, and empower financial institutions to go beyond banking and innovate at speed. Purpose-built for business, Temenos Business Banking provides a complete front-to-back solution to deliver engaging customer journeys that immerse businesses in a unique buying experience with first-class services.

Integrated Corporate Banking

Integrated core banking system and separately deployable components covering corporate lending, trade finance, payments and cash and liquidity management, analytics and compliance.

Fund Administrators

single, global platform to help the world’s leading Fund Administrators enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

“Modernizing our core systems supports our ongoing focus on innovation and delivering value to our customers through personalized offerings and intuitive, streamlined experiences. This, in turn, paves the way for continued, sustainable growth. We look forward to collaborating with Temenos on the evolution of banking technology in the US.”

John Turner, President and CEO

“We recognize that a modern core banking platform is an accelerator for innovation and digital customer experiences. The Temenos platform will enable Commerce to deliver innovative solutions for our customers today and well into the future.”

David Roller, Chief Information Officer at Commerce Bank

“Our Temenos solutions allow us to deliver outstanding services to our clients—and we’re always looking for ways to enhance our approach.”

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer

“By investing in Temenos open platform, we will enhance our core banking system to create a modern, cloud-native, digital-first platform supporting our transformation and growth agenda.”

Aayaz Pira, President, Canadian Tire Financial Services and CEO

“We’re on a mission to change the status quo, with unique retail banking services that enrich the lives of our customers. As a digital-only bank, we have a major advantage over traditional banks, as we don’t have to maintain branches and therefore have more resources available to provide customer-centric services at the best possible rates.”

Daniel Broten, Chief Technology Officer at EQ Bank

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