Temenos Infinity Business Banking

Infinity Business Banking delivers modern, convenient business services across any device – with the features and personalization that attract and retain business account holders.

Temenos Recognized as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms

Temenos was named a leader among Digital Banking Engagement platforms according to The Forrester Wave™: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, Q3 2019.

Why Temenos Infinity Business Banking

Small Business Banking - Small, Medium, and Large Buildings

Purpose-Built for Business

Business Banking is purpose-built to meet the needs of business owners where and when they need it. With integrated entitlements management, business owners can manage roles and permissions of their employees to limit access to the activities and transactions as appropriate for their business function.

Small Business Banking - Business owners looking at tablet

Omnichannel Banking

Eliminate the silos from the digital banking experience. From a single platform, cover all channels. Design once and cover mobile apps, web, wearable, conversational and branch experiences.

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Scalable Banking Services

Temenos Infinity enables the separation of distribution from bank manufacturing and channels to drive new business models. Increase agility and reduce time-to-market through a dedicated set of microservices.

Temenos Events On-Demand

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Supporting Small Business Growth: One Bank’s Approach to PPP Lending

Product Overview

Omnichannel Banking

Enable seamless mobile app, web, conversational banking and branch experiences.

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Onboarding & Origination

Capture more customers with outstanding digital experiences that increase satisfaction and drive revenue. Temenos Infinity gives your bank the agility to create dynamic products, support instant decisions and increase speed to market.

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Real-Time Campaigns

Personalize the banking experience and dynamically identify opportunities for increased revenue through contextually relevant experiences.

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Account Aggregation

Make your banking app the center of your customers’ world by connecting to other bank accounts and transactions using open banking aggregation services.

User Management & Entitlements

User registration and management, pre-defined roles, and account access setting.

Bulk Payments & Approvals

Payment templates, handling for request types, and permission-based approvals.

Account & Cash Management

By combining our experience with cutting-edge technologies, our cash management features provide a competitive and agile solution.

Audit Logs & Tracking

Track transactions and events with both a company and employee audit log.

Distribution Services

Experience huge performance improvements and flexibility through API-driven microservices. Separation of distribution from bank manufacturing and channels drives new business models, increases agility, and speeds time-to-market for apps built both by banks themselves and by Temenos partners.

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Temenos Infinity Engage

Combine human and digital to engage your customer. Temenos Infinity includes a 1:1 digital banking platform that securely integrates with your online banking system, along with a compliant, browser-based portal for your agents.

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Scalable Cloud Native

The solution is highly scalable and is built using cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. This means that it can elastically scale out and scale in as required by varying transaction volumes, while allowing for efficient and resilient operation.

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Core Agnostic

Temenos Infinity is independent of core banking systems. Omnichannel banking uses APIs to support any core banking system, internally built systems and Temenos Transact. Hosting can be based in the cloud or on-premise.

Customer Success Stories

Al Ain Finance – Success Story

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in demand for liquidity among SMEs keen to get back on track and reach new customers. Al Ain Finance is on hand to help businesses in the UAE to continue to thrive with simple, tailored financing solutions.

Alba – Success Story

Pre-configured UK Model Bank functionality will help AlbaCo to meet its regulatory compliance goals, while the cloud deployment using Temenos SaaS will keep costs low and contribute to a fast return on investment.

Banco del Sol – Success Story

Digital-only Banco del Sol is targeting a top-three position in the Argentine retail banking market, followed by an expansion into the SME space that comprises 99 percent of the country’s businesses.
Small Business Banking - Luxembourg Village

“The success of the implementation is a testament to the relationship between Banque Raiffeisen and Temenos. We are delighted to be running a single, fully automated, integrated system which not only provides gains in efficiency but also improves the experience for our customers.”

Jean-Luc Martino, CIO – Banque Raiffeisen Luxembourg
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Temenos Infinity Engage

Temenos Infinity Engage is a 1:1 digital banking platform that securely integrates with your online banking system – plus a compliant, browser-based portal for your bankers. Personalized banking has become a buzzword with would-be vendors popping up all over the place. Temenos Infinity Engage is the only proven solution in market with the people, technology and roadmap to scale and innovate.

Temenos Analytics

A comprehensive Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence product allowing banks to be more efficient and profitable by providing robust, banking specific, financial, profitability, customer, and digital analytics.

Temenos AI

AI empowers banks to provide individualized, frictionless customer experiences, drive customer loyalty and profitability, and automate processes.
White Paper and Report

Open Banking and The Rise of Banking-as-a-Service

To succeed in the world of Open Banking, incumbent banks running on legacy systems will need to digitally transform harnessing new technologies in the cloud, enabled by partnerships with innovative…

Silkbank – Video Testimonial

Silkbank, a leading commercial and Islamic bank in Pakistan, recently went live with Temenos Infinity to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives. Learn in this video how Silkbank is making life better for its customers.

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