Temenos Smart Banking Advisor 

Put the power back into the hands of small and medium business owners with access to smart business banking. Enable growth with optimized cash flow management, tailored services and personalized recommendations powered by data, analytics and AI.

The future of business banking with Temenos Smart Banking Advisor 

Empowering financial institutions to become trusted partners by breaking the boundaries of traditional banking, and proactively supporting small business growth. Deliver personalized advice, business insights, and process automation to help your customers make smart decisions, solve problems and free up their time to grow the business. 

Smart business banking 

Business owners are increasingly tech-savvy, expecting retail-like banking experiences for their business. In addition, with the need to support the rebound in global growth, the opportunity for banks to win on experience has never been greater. But, high-touch business banking is resource-intensive, and the risks are high. Temenos Smart Banking Advisor puts the power back into the business owners’ hands to gain greater control while helping financial institutions to scale their offerings and manage risk. 

Banking on relationships 

The key to unlocking small to medium business growth is delivering increasingly tailored services and personalized recommendations. But personalization is complex when data is everywhere, often coming from multiple new applications, and when bank resources are tight. Temenos Smart Banking Advisor enables AI-powered services for small and medium businesses, delivered on an open platform that seamlessly integrates, analyzes data and provides intelligent recommendations to optimize business and financial decisions. 

Funding innovation 

Optimizing cashflows, putting working capital to use, and getting paid faster are critical to business owners’ success. Financial institutions and small businesses can now work together to find creative funding solutions by having a single view of the business health score, backed by reliable data and smart analytics that provide greater insights into business risks and cash flow. Temenos Smart Banking Advisor orchestrates businesses’ increasingly complex data and application ecosystem to enable innovation with new funding solutions. 

Reimagine how you serve the small and medium business sector by implementing an innovative digital-centric and data-driven service that can transform the experience of business owners. Temenos Smart Banking Advisor is a business intelligence engine, powered by data to unlock small business growth, manage risk and drive engagement throughout the life of the business, becoming the trusted partner. It provides intelligent insights, AI enriched simulation and automated fulfilment, that drives funding innovation and cash optimization.  

For the small business

Stay in control

of your business

Unlock your growth

with a trusted adviser to guide you


back on what you love to do

For the bank

Drive funding innovation 

Enhance the personal touch

Tailor the solution

Measurable success 


higher customer satisfaction – banks on Temenos Analytics*


higher campaign conversion rates – banks on Temenos Analytics*


lower churn – retail banks on Temenos Analytics*


less time on admin tasks – corporate banks on Temenos Analytics*

*Comparison from Temenos CEO Navigator between banks live with Temenos Enterprise Solutions and Services and those who are not.

Frequently asked questions 

Our patented explainable AI (XAI) platform and machine learning capabilities are embedded in the Temenos Platform and available with all our software, either through an easy-to-use interface or through APIs, delivered on-premise, in the cloud or as a SaaS offering. By embedding AI and Machine Learning into our products, we have accelerated the release of explainable models that will underpin new AI use cases that focus on creating seamless customer journeys and automating manual processes with self-learning capabilities. 

Having a single view of a client’s business financials with XAI-powered recommendations helps financial institutions extend this business health view capability to business owners and empower them to make informed decisions about their business at each step of the journey.  

Using open banking data, analytics and AI helps financial institutions better understand business customers’ complete financial situation to meet individual owners’ needs with highly tailored services and the most relevant products. This will further unlock the business banking customer growth while managing the bank’s risk.

Using intelligent insights to proactively identify various options and provide recommendations to address business customer opportunities, enhances the bank’s ability to differentiate on hyper-personalized customer experiences and tailor business offerings that increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

Banks that use Temenos embedded data, analytics and XAI technology can go beyond the boundaries of traditional banking by implementing proactive engagement models to earn business customers’ trust and help guide them through their business and customer lifecycles.

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Small business owners are very comfortable with whatever their business is. What they are less comfortable with is how to run a business. Temenos Smart Banking Advisor gives them that helping hand that is hard for a small business owner to find.” 

Jeff Wright  
SVP Equipment, Digital & Client Solutions, Canadian Western Bank  

What happens when business lines and IT come together with synergy to accelerate innovation? Growth is the answer. Hear from Canadian Western Bank on how they are changing the landscape of digital banking with human augmented AI and creating value for their SME customers as a partner, not just a bank.”

Azfar Karimuddin  
SVP Information & Services, CWB & Jeff Wright – SVP Client Solutions, CWB 

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Single view smart dashboard 

A real-time view of the ‘Business Health Score’ aggregates and integrates multiple data sources to deliver a relevant, timely and complete picture of business operations, including cash flow, order tracking, production tracking, expenses and ERP and HR and payroll. 

AI-powered, real-time insights 

The ‘Track & Trigger’ real-time monitoring of information identifies and alerts business owners of risks, utilizing predictive modelling to prescribe recommendations and educate business owners on various options for addressing opportunities. 

Temenos announces change in leadership team for next phase of growth

AI and analytics-driven financial simulation 

Enabling human-AI augmentation allows business owners to visualize alternate outcomes and perform ‘what if’ analysis while allowing the system to learn and automate predictable, repetitive aspects via automation. Empower business owners to make informed choices while freeing up their time to grow their business. 

Responding to the SME challenge through collaboration

Rob Wint, Product Director, Temenos, & Jeff Wright, Group Head, Client Solutions & Speciality Businesses, Canadian Western Bank, speak at TCF 2022 about the SME challenge, the response to that challenge through collaboration between CWB and Temenos, and how this will benefit the client experience.