Temenos Analytics

A comprehensive Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence product allowing banks to be more efficient and profitable by providing robust, banking specific, financial, profitability, customer, and digital analytics.

Why Temenos Analytics

Analytics is central to the modern digital enabled bank. Banks face many challenges such as the evolution of digital, intense competition, low interest rate environment, changing customer behaviour, high operating costs, stringent regulations and erosion of profits margins to name a few. But, banks have one powerful weapon, data, which if harnessed properly with analytics will allow them to make smarter decisions, improve efficiencies, enable business agility, drive innovation and ultimately beat the competition.

Temenos Analytics allows banks to overcome these challenges and ensure higher customer satisfaction and increased profits.

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Digital transformation

To compete in the digital world, and to enable hyper personalized customer experience, banks must harness real-time customer data and analytics at scale. Temenos Analytics provides truly real-time customer analytics solution which provides thousands of customer insights to drive intelligent customer interactions.

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Embedded analytics

Analytics, embedded into banking processes and decisions will bring significant business benefits such as increased profitability. Temenos Analytics, provides a robust API and embedded analytics capability to allow seamless integration of analytical capabilities into digital banking applications.

Self-service analytics

All staff within a modern financial institution are knowledge workers and decision makers. By providing self-service analytics capabilities, banks can transform their staff into citizen data analysts, which will increase analytics adoption. Temenos Analytics allows end users to explore complex banking data using intuitive self-service tools, which can also be embedded directly into core banking, digital, CRM, and other operational systems.

Digital disruption: more than an opportunity for banks in West Africa

Profit analytics

80% of a banks’ profitability is derived from 20% of their customers. It is essential that banks have a full understanding of customer and product profitability to promote profitable product design and customer engagement strategies. Temenos Analytics has a comprehensive profitability management solution with industry leading funds transfer pricing and activity based costing capabilities.

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Overcoming silos

Banks typically have multiple legacy and disparate systems making analytics on multiple combined data sources difficult to achieve. An example is the ‘single view of customer’ 31% of banks cannot achieve this due to multiple data systems. Temenos Analytics, in conjunction with Temenos Data Lake, enables banks to combine and analyze multiple banking data sources.

Product overview

Reporting and analytical delivery

Temenos Analytics has a wide number of analytical content items that can be delivered to end users and form a broad set of capabilities. These include dashboards, analytics, reports, visualizations, and APIs. In addition, 3rd party analytics solutions like Power BI and Tableau can be easily deployed on the Temenos Analytics data models.

User management

Temenos Analytics user and roles management capabilities ensure the right information goes to the right people and is in line with corporate policies around information management.

Customer profitability

Calculate the profitability of every customer and product using industry best practice financial models such as funds transfer pricing and activity based costing.

Digital analytics

Integrated with Temenos Infinity, Digital Analytics allows banks insights into clickstream and digital campaign effectiveness.

Temenos XAI integration

Temenos Analytics works in conjunction with XAI, to provide full analysis of the results of the XAI models. For instance, the XAI Customer Attrition model can be analyzed across the bank to determine exactly where there are attrition issues so the bank can take proactive actions.

Partner solutions

Partners provide solutions on top of the Temenos Analytics platform for regulatory reporting, customer analytics, and more.

“Utilizing Temenos Analytics and Temenos XAI, we employed algorithm models to predict and confirm assumptions around the COVID-19 financial impact of on our clients and our organization. Using these insights we’re able to provide appropriate products and services for our clients, helping them survive the financial impacts as a result of this crisis.”

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer – Blueshore Financial

You’re in good company

Supporting products

Temenos XAI

AI empowers banks to provide individualized, frictionless customer experiences, drive customer loyalty and profitability, and automate processes.

Temenos Data Hub

Empower the Temenos Transact core banking platform with a fully integrated and embedded data platform providing date event streaming, data engineering, and purpose built data stores for highly performant APIs, accelerated reporting, and faster time to AI.

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