End-to-End Wealth Management 

Empowering portfolio and relationship managers to differentiate, innovate and optimize with a composable end-to-end solution.

The de facto solution for the wealth industry

With clients among the largest global financial institutions and boutique firms, Temenos Wealth enables differentiation, delivers cost reductions, and leverages the latest technology to support end-to-end digital transformation with a composable front-to-back architecture.

Adapt to new clients

A generational transfer of wealth is underway. Private Wealth Management (PWM) firms must adapt to new clients craving a superior digital experience, greater price transparency, and financial performance. Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Temenos Wealth, a self-service offering based on a versatile low-code digital platform. Our complete front-office solution enables advisors and portfolio managers to implement the right investment strategy and deliver transparent reporting, including performance attribution.

Differentiate with hyper-personalization

Wealth management is a growing business, attracting new Wealth Techs, neobanks, and a renewed focus from universal banks. Differentiate your offering with highly personalized services, such as ethical and sustainable investments or AI-augmented advice. Offer standard asset classes, including private equity, structured products and managing digital assets like cryptocurrencies through Temenos Exchange partners.

Reduce costs

Leverage cloud technology to lower infrastructure and operational costs with Temenos Wealth- available on a SaaS subscription basis. Our solution delivers high straight-through-processing rates through automation, and reduces manual intervention across the value chain. With Temenos Wealth, firms can target the mass affluent market with a scalable, hybrid advisory model. For larger banks, its multi-entity capabilities streamline processes and reduce costs.

Impactful investments

ESG investing has become a significant trend globally, and increasingly wealth clients are demanding their investments align with projects and companies that promote environmental, social, and governance best practices. Temenos Wealth helps banks to improve client interaction by offering investment strategies aligned with their values and by measuring the positive impact of their money on the world.

With clients among the largest global financial institutions and boutique firms, Temenos Wealth is the de facto software solution for the Private Wealth Management (PWM) industry. It enables differentiation through superior digital and front-office capabilities, delivers cost reductions with core automation, leverages the latest technology, and supports your end-to-end digital transformation with a composable front-to-back architecture.

Unique breadth and depth

Hyper-personalized services

Composable architecture

Superior digital experience

Enhanced productivity

Augmented advice

The power of end-to-end wealth management

Around 80% of millennials will look for a new financial advisor after inheriting their parents’ wealth. In a very competitive environment with cost pressures, Wealth players have to deal with IT inefficiency, a changing investment climate and new generations of customers. Meet Alan, Head of Wealth Management at Trust Bank, who had the challenge of selecting a modern Wealth system, covering the full value chain, that could deliver a complete experience for all their clients and employees and differentiate their service. Alan explores the power of an end-to-end service to deliver proactive, timely and online investment advice to clients, and ESG investing services to help investors incorporate impact investing into their portfolios.

Frequently asked questions

At Temenos, we deliver a set of autonomous, standalone, and pre-integrated solutions so that firms can compose their solution according to their needs. Firms can choose any components (e.g., Front Office or Securities or both) and implement them simultaneously as they are pre-integrated.

Hyper personalization is the ability to leverage data in a structured manner so that you can understand your clients better and create products and services based on their unique needs. Private banking is a highly personalized sector. Dedicated relationship managers extensively use data and artificial intelligence solutions to analyze their clients’ behavior to create unique and tailored offerings.

Yes, all Temenos Wealth components are available as-a-service. Traditionally private banking deployment was on-premise due to banking privacy and confidentially. But now, the whole industry is moving to cloud and SaaS, and we support all methods: Cloud, SaaS, and on-premise deployment.

We serve some of the largest global financial institutions in the world, but we have also implemented our Wealth solution in boutique firms. Our offering covers the full spectrum of clients from ultra-high-net-worth individuals down to the mass affluent across the world. Our global footprint covers traditional wealth management markets like Europe, APAC, North America as well as Middle East and Latin America.

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about how Temenos Wealth can enable differentiation, deliver cost reductions, and leverage the latest technology to support end-to-end digital transformation with a composable front-to-back architecture.

Temenos Wealth provides the flexibility and efficiency we need in discretionary portfolio management”

Giovanni Leonardo
Head of Investments, Schroders Wealth Management, Switzerland

Temenos Wealth is well-suited to managing our discretionary and advisory business, but it is also extremely versatile. For example, when the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive [MiFID] came into force, we were able to roll out the solution to our retail banking business to support the new regulatory requirements.

Marc Vanvilthoven
Product Owner, ING

The rapid launch of our new, truly universal digital wealth platform supports our international operations and enables us to scale for global expansion in years to come.”

Fernando Beyruti
Head of Itaú Private Bank International, Itaú

With Temenos Wealth, we are confident of achieving our ambition of offering the most innovative wealth management products and services in the industry.”

Friso Westra
Head of International Core and Wealth IT Delivery, ABN AMRO

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Digital wealth

A digital investment solution powering a complete digital customer experience to service wealth products for retail and mass affluent customers up to high-net-worth individuals. Digitalize wealth management services and deliver hybrid advisory models for the new generation of high-net-worth investors.

Next-generation portfolio management

Specifically developed for advisors and portfolio managers, offering sophisticated functionality across profiling, modeling, performance attribution, risk and compliance, and more. Temenos Wealth Front Office is a world-class portfolio management system; a fully customizable product offering with pre-configured workflows ready to operate and customize to customer needs.

Asset and securities processing

An integrated and deep set of capabilities to support all wealth management and private banking areas. With the broadest range of instruments, Temenos Transact processes transactions relating to the purchase, sale, settlement, and holding of securities instruments, funds, derivatives, and structured products.

Improve your data

Improve the quality of your market and reference data on an automated basis. With scalable architecture and flexibility, Temenos Data Source can efficiently manage multiple sources of data and adapt to fast change environments, while reducing the costs and risks connected with growing volumes of data.

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