Wealth management

Temenos Securities

A scalable, real time platform processing multiple asset classes and drives operational efficiency

Why Temenos Securities

In a complex and ever-changing environment where the institutions are faced with reduced margins, increased client demand and new regulations, the need is for flexible, modular, scalable, packaged and highly automated solutions to simplify operations, adapt to sudden changes, remain compliant and minimize disruptions.

Temenos Securities is a real-time easy -to -integrate solution offering in-depth functionality across multiple asset classes and process automation that dramatically reduces overheads and costs. In parallel, it increases productivity and level of efficiency by enabling the users to quickly identify and fix  STP breaks. Through its rich functionality and modern technology & architecture (Open APIs), it serves institutions of all sizes across multiple geographies. 

As a scalable solution, it helps banks to grow their margins and business without additional costs and meet the ever-increasing expectations and demands from customers and regulators.

Operational Efficiency

Increasing operational efficiencies is a key priority for banks. Through straight through processing and Industry standards – SWIFT -ISO20022. Resource can be quite expensive all banks need to be as efficient as possible you rely on software to be STP as possible to do as little as possible and focus on other aspects. Industry standards focus can give less stp breaks ISO 20022 is the new standard to minimize all these things.


With regular updates of our software, we ensure our clients remain compliant with the relevant regulations including QI, FATCA, CRS, MIFID 2 CSDR, SRD2.

 Breadth and Depth

With depth and breadth of functionality, we support multiple asset classes, multi-currency, and multi-entities.  Our software is highly configurable, with flexible fees and charges that our clients can customize to a wider extent without requiring any assistance: SSIs, corporate events etc.

“By enabling our client and portfolio managers to do more of the client onboarding work directly in Temenos Wealth Front Office, we are cutting duplicated effort dramatically. Today, our employees can even collect client signatures digitally, which means there is no more need to shuffle paper between different parts of the business.”

Marc Vanvilthoven

Product Owner, ING

We choose Temenos to give us a highly efficient and highly scalable platform to support our business. To give you a measure of efficiency, we run with 99.9% straight-through processing”

Lino Finini, Head of Back Office and Banking Applications.