The leading banking platform in Latin America

Cloud-native, API and XAI-driven, real-time software solutions empowering financial institutions across Latin America to engage and grow.

Financial institutions across Latin America and the Caribbean are taking giant steps to modernize their technology. Financial Institutions are focused on speed to market and the ability to integrate and build better financial services to drive financial inclusion and create opportunities for everyone.

Driving Financial Inclusion

Digitalization is here to stay. Many financial institutions realized the need to have suitable technology to digitize their customers and empower people with little or no access to financial services. Our solution gives the agility to rapidly create and launch new products fast. With more than 30 years of leadership providing technology solutions, we bring the most complete packaged solution specially for cooperatives and community banks.

Core Banking Expertise

Latin American and Caribbean banks are under growing pressure from existing and new competitors with superior agility, products and services to meet customer needs. Temenos can help the local institutions on the banking challenges today, such as core banking modernization and fundamental shifts in regulation and market practices. We provide the most extensive set of banking functionality across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth, and payments.

Rising Customer Expectations

Customers across Latin America are increasingly expecting financial services that are seamlessly integrated into their transactions and everyday lives. Our solution accelerates your digital transformation initiatives with world-class front and middle office transactional capabilities and reimagine customer engagement by creating consistent and human experiences across all channels.

End-to-End Retail Banking

An open, cloud-native platform for agile retail banking transformation. Adapt at speed, drive contextual customer interactions and innovate around existing systems with composable front-to-back capabilities across the retail banking value chain.

End-to-End Business Banking

A SaaS-first, cloud-agnostic solution that enables financial institutions to deliver tangible value to small and medium businesses from onboarding to origination, servicing, advisory and cross-sell.

Integrated Corporate Banking

Assemble cross-product line solutions for corporate customers linking directly to their financial systems using open APIs. 

Wealth Management

Empowering portfolio and relationship managers to differentiate, innovate and optimize with a composable end-to-end solution.

Fund Administrators

single, global platform to help the world’s leading Fund Administrators enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

“Temenos solution will allow key international offices to automate front, middle and back office functions. Equally important, the new technology platform will make the business better prepared for the exponential evolution of technological cycles.”

Carlos Constantini, CEO of U.S. and Head of international private banking

“Independent analysis from the likes of Gartner informed us that Temenos was the world-leader for core banking, with an excellent reputation for innovation. We also considered the scalability of their solutions, which would allow us a solid growth.”

Janny Nicasio, Business Solutions Leader

“We noted that third parties including Gartner and Forrester ranked Temenos as the world-leader for core banking platforms. Plus, we received excellent references from other banks using Temenos solutions, which gave us confidence.”

Mónica Carrión, Vice President of Services Center Club Ecuador

“For new clients, we targeted a streamlined application journey that they could complete onboarding without fuss in just a few clicks within minutes and we wanted to enrich our service portfolio, adding advanced functionality such as real-time payments and 24/7 digital account access.”

Claire Robinson, Senior Compliance and Risk Officer at Hamilton Reserve Bank

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