At a Glance

Facilitates the creation and launch of the first fully digital bank in Trinidad & Tobago

Enables the management of three separate banking entities on a single instance of Temenos Core Banking

Simplifies the development of new services for different markets with a flexible, modular architecture

Elastic scalability and exceptional cloud performance will help to support rapid customer growth

For more than 40 years, ANSA Merchant Bank has played an important role in the economic development of the Caribbean. Headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, the bank provides financing, investment, and wealth management solutions to individuals, businesses and government bodies, locally and regionally.

Since its establishment, ANSA Merchant Bank has focused almost exclusively on commercial loans and project finance. But now, it’s making moves into retail banking, with the acquisition of Bank of Baroda, rebranded as ANSA Bank in early 2021. ANSA Bank will be a new type of bank in Trinidad and Tobago, focused on offering customer-centric digital services rather than serving clients via traditional bricks-and-mortar branches.

Richard Marshall, Head of IT at ANSA Merchant Bank, explains: “We set a high bar for ourselves with ANSA Bank, as we are looking to create the very first fully integrated digital bank in Trinidad and Tobago. Our vision is to widen the services available to individuals and businesses in the local market. We want to offer something that will improve the lifestyles of our customers and help them reach their financial dreams.”

Modernizing the core environment

To achieve its growth plans in the retail and business banking spaces, ANSA Merchant Bank needs a technology foundation that is agile, flexible, and scalable. Traditionally, the bank relied on a homegrown core system to support its client services, but this was increasingly difficult and costly to operate. Managing the system, for example, soaked up many hours and relied on the availability of experienced in-house teams.

To reduce risk and complexity, ANSA Merchant Bank planned to modernize the core environment, moving away from the homegrown system and onto a proven, best-of-breed platform with full vendor support. By adopting a more modern, streamlined core solution, the bank aimed to improve internal efficiency and support the delivery of more differentiated services across all entities and business lines.

“We realized that moving to a cloud-based core banking solution would offer multiple advantages. First, it would mean a lower cost of ownership. More than this, a cloud platform would mean that we relied less on internal resources to manage and maintain infrastructure and applications. In addition, we felt the scalability of cloud would facilitate expansion into new markets and faster launch of new products

Richard Marshall, Head of IT at ANSA Merchant Bank

Finding the right solution

After assessing potential vendors, ANSA Merchant Bank selected Temenos as its new core banking platform. The Temenos solution would allow the bank to access a rich ecosystem of functionality to support the development and delivery of retail and business banking, and wealth management services. ANSA Merchant Bank decided to run Temenos core banking on the Temenos banking cloud.

Richard Marshall explains: “We knew that Temenos was a market leader for core banking solutions, with real expertise. When we engaged Temenos, we were immediately impressed with their communications and commitment to our success. And their robust, scalable solution was also just what we needed. The focus Temenos has on building new capabilities for its clients was another major plus-point.”

Setting up fast in the cloud

Working closely with expert service delivery teams from Temenos, ANSA Merchant Bank successfully implemented Temenos core banking running on the Temenos banking cloud on Microsoft Azure. By opting to deploy the core banking platform using the software-as-as-service (SaaS) model, the bank was able to speed the implementation process and enable fast access to key banking services for its users.

“Temenos ensured that we achieved a smooth transition to the cloud. We knew that setting up some of our workloads, such as close of business processes, would be tricky to configure. Temenos provided the expert resources to tackle the challenges and ensure that we were operational very quickly.”

Richard Marshall, Head of IT at ANSA Merchant Bank

ANSA Merchant Bank enjoys a very successful working relationship with Temenos, as Richard Marshall confirms: “We are building a really strong partnership with Temenos. We enjoy great communications, especially with their cloud team, who we speak with three times every week. Whenever we have questions about functionality or need support, Temenos are always quick to respond with a resolution.”

Bringing a new digital model to market

Today, ANSA Merchant Bank uses Temenos core banking running on the Temenos banking cloud as the agile, modern core platform behind its retail banking, investment and wealth management services. Thanks to the multi-company architecture of Temenos, the bank can run all of its entities on a single instance of the core platform—helping to minimize costs and complexity, and improving operational efficiency.

Richard Marshall continues: “We have well-established merchant banking operations in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, as well as our new retail banking arm. Within Temenos core banking, we have set up a separate, tailored environment dedicated to each of our operations, with all the tools we need for supporting clients and product development. With Temenos, it is easy for us to roll out services tailored to our target markets.”

The flexibility of Temenos core banking proved a crucial component in the successful acquisition and development of digital-first ANSA Bank, as Richard Marshall adds: “Following the acquisition of Baroda Bank, we migrated their core environment onto Temenos, avoiding the cost and hassle of purchasing a new system. Once this process was complete, we could start to build innovative digital banking services.”

Supporting long-term growth

With Temenos core banking running on the Temenos banking cloud, ANSA Merchant Bank has a powerful combination of elastic scalability, agility, and leading-edge product development functionality. The Temenos solutions provide a strong foundation for the bank to drive innovation in its range of products and services, and to achieve long-term growth in its customer base in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and beyond.

“We’ve been so impressed with the scalability and flexibility of Temenos core banking and the Temenos banking cloud. We can quickly and easily add new modules and leverage different services to ensure we deliver value to our customers and continue to improve our satisfaction scores.”

Richard Marshall, Head of IT at ANSA Merchant Bank

Reaping the benefits of the cloud

In addition, adopting the Temenos banking cloud has enabled ANSA Merchant Bank to reduce costs and operational risk. The bank no longer has to maintain physical infrastructure, or worry about running critical management processes such as backups and upgrades. Furthermore, the enhanced security of the Temenos SaaS model keeps the bank well-protected against the threat of cyberattacks.

Richard Marshall continues: “The Temenos banking cloud has been very stable, and the performance has been phenomenal—even as our database has grown at a rapid rate. We have enjoyed exceptional uptime rates, and have the option to add extra processor capacity whenever required. Throughout ANSA Merchant Bank, there is real confidence in the robustness of Temenos core banking and the Temenos banking cloud.”

“Working with Temenos puts us in a great position to take advantage of new opportunities, whether it’s in digital banking, wealth management, or project finance for local businesses. We believe that our partnership with Temenos will be a key enabler of our future expansion, bringing innovative financial services to the people of the Caribbean. With Temenos, we can turn our ambitions into reality.” 

Richard Marshall, Head of IT at ANSA Merchant Bank
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