Technology: Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

Ensuring that the latest standards for integration and deployment are supported including open API access and Cloud-Native deployment.

Temenos now provides you with an infrastructure designed to support your digital transformation in order to provide the flexible experiences demanded by today’s digital customers.

Elastic scalability eliminates the need to provision for peak processing volumes so that you only pay for your bank’s actual usage, yielding significant cost savings. Temenos’ cloud-agnostic approach enables the highest levels of long-term resilience and redundancy without creating a dependency on a single Cloud Service Provider. This is a key Temenos strategy and an answer to regulatory concerns.


Designed for the new digital payments age. Our software allows faster updates, lower provisioning, lower infrastructure costs, elastic scaling, active-active resilience and security. All built using API-first and DevOps principles and engineered to deploy in containers and microservices.


Cloud-Agnostic/Multi – Cloud

Available on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba cloud Platforms.

Offering the opportunity to run on multiple cloud providers at the same time providing to increased operational resilience.


Efficient DevOps facilities ensures that the Temenos solution is maintained and upgraded regularly through dynamic test facilities and continuous deployment methodologies.

Common Integrated Technology

One platform underpinning our functionally rich Temenos products. All embedded, or standalone and integrated, out-of-the-box.