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Temenos Transact provides cutting edge functionality that enables you to create innovative and personalized banking products targeted at new and existing small business customers

Product Overview

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Temenos Transact is a customer-centric system built around a single customer view that covers all product lines and channels, enhancing the ability of the bank to understand its customers’ needs and serve them. Embedded analytics provide customer insight and predictive sales and service assistance.

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Product Factory & Catalog

Products are designed and built using a centralized design tool which can then be made available for sale quickly, thus gaining valuable time and market share when new opportunities arise. Embedded analytics also helps product managers to plan and deploy new products that will be attractive to customers and profitable for the bank.

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Personalized Fees

Personalize and bundle fees at both small business and business owner level to automatically apply cross-product bundled pricing. This enables you to reward customer behavior, such as loyalty, and to motivate customers to change their banking behavior in order to create mutually beneficial outcomes

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Accounts & Deposits

The system supports accounts and deposits varying from simple offerings to more sophisticated demand deposit accounts (DDAs) with more complex features such as interest compensation groups and automatic sweeps, as well as virtual accounts for more complex business requirements.

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Small Business Lending

The solution offers both unsecured and secured lending capabilities, together with suitable collateral management which can be linked to receivable and invoice streams as well as to fixed assets. The bank can also track the business’ counterparties when assessing receivables finance.

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Temenos Payments

Domestic and international payments are processed, including real-time payments, using Temenos Transact’s integral payment capability or with the more advanced Temenos Payment hub solution.