Accelario enables financial organizations to deliver innovation with better test data management capabilities

As a financial organization, your test data is crucial and must be readily available, secure, and accurate.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to test data management are often time-consuming, complex and prone to errors. This can lead to delays, compliance risks, and other costly business impacts.

At Accelario, we understand the difficulties that financial institutions face with test data management. This is why our Agile DevOps TDM platform is the only choice on the Temenos partner exchange network for tackling this crucial issue.

A new approach to DataOps. The Accelario Continuous DataOps Platform is a “one-stop shop” for handling all of an organization’s data needs via an easy-to-use self-service portal, eliminates DevOps bottlenecks, providing teams with the high-quality, privacy compliant data they need. The platform consists of four modules: Data Masking, Data Virtualization, Synthetic Data, and Data Copy, which are all available as stand-alone solutions or within a holistic, comprehensive DataOps management platform. With the Accelario Continuous DataOps platform, organizations can simplify access, eliminate data roadblocks, and speed up provisioning for development teams, testing, data analysts, and any other teams dependent on data. At Accelario, we revolutionize the way organizations move, access, use, and manage data in real-time, across any environment.

The Continuous data pipeline platform, dramatically reduces costs & risks while accelerating time-to-market without compromising data quality and compliance.

Accelario’s Continuous DataOps Platform simplifies data access and accelerates data provisioning without compromising on privacy and security requirements. This innovative, self-service solution continuously delivers production-like data via an automated, fully-compliant pipeline. With Accelario, organizations benefit from a cost-effective data management solution that accelerates delivery velocity by eliminating data bottlenecks.

By adopting a modern approach to test data, financial institutions can realize several benefits, including:

Faster time-to-market

Accelerate the delivery of new applications and services by providing fast and reliable access to data. This enables customers to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands.

Better data quality

Improve the quality and consistency of data by eliminating errors and inconsistencies caused by manual processes and multiple copies. This enables customers to make more informed and confident decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Stronger compliance

Accelario helps customers comply with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, and PCI, among others by providing built-in and customizable data masking (tokenization) and subsetting capabilities. This reduces the risks of data breaches and non-compliance and enhances the trust and reputation of financial services companies.

Lower costs

Accelario reduces the storage and labor costs associated with traditional test data management, helping customers optimize their IT budgets and invest more in innovation and growth.



Transform complex, DBA-reliant data provisioning processes into a one-click workflow that DevOps R&D and QA can operate, such as data refreshing, rollbacks and data sharing, into simple, one- click workflows that anyone on the dev team can handle.


Clone data into virtual databases that require zero storage allocation inside the DevOps environments and provide accurate test data coverage with integrated subsetting and synthetic data generation capabilities.

Continuous data refresh cycles

Ensure that the most up-to- date test data is available in real-time or on-demand.


Sensitive data search and data masking ensures that your organization maintains compliance with the strictest data privacy regulations.


Automate data operations via a rich API to ensure streamlined compatibility with CI/CD and modern software delivery pipelines. Integration with DevOps tools like Jenkins and Ansible Tower empowers automated data provisioning.

Deployment flexibility

Full support for deployment in on-premises, hybrid cloud and multi cloud, including AWS, Azure and Oracle cloud environments.


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