BankHedge, the back-to-front automated hedging platform for banks, lets you build and control your hedging business and deliver a uniquely rich yet simple self-service hedging to SMEs.

BankHedge lets banks enrich their offering with a simple yet comprehensive self-service FX hedging experience for SMEs, including FX forwards and options, margin credit, and transparent in-trade pricing. BankHedge is cloud-based, designed for easy integration, and automates all key processes, facilitating product line expansion with minimal upfront and recurring costs, enabling banks to generate lucrative new revenue streams.


Customer Loyalty

Increase income and loyalty from your SME customers​ by making previously hard-to-access FX hedging solutions accessible and affordable to them, at virtually zero cost-of-acquisition (CAC),​ in the familiar context of your SME banking UX.

Product Expansion

Enrich and diversify your offering with automated FX hedging solutions for SMEs, including high-margin products such as FX options, access to margin credit, multi-currency accounts and payments in 30+ currencies – opening up new market segments for yourself.

Brand Enhancement

Make your SME clients’ life easier by making previously hard-to-access FX hedging solutions accessible and afforable via a simple, transparent, self-service digital FX hedging experience, available 24/7.

Cost Optimization

Keep GTM risks, upfront costs and recurring expenses to a bare minimum thanks to cloud-based deployment, cutting-edge entreprise architecture and full process automation.

Rich hedging solutions, simple UX

Unrivalled product offering: FX options/forwards/spot in 30+ currencies, multi-currency accounts/wallets/payments, margin credit​. Bank portal to control product catalogue, mark-ups & fees, client comms, beneficiaries/transactions/notifications, user-access, permissions, real-time reporting. SME self-service portal: automated quotes​, transparent T&Cs, in-trade pricing, ​embedded learning materials​.

Cutting-edge Architecture

The platform’s layers are seamlessly integrated yet decoupled, and its underlying capabilities are organised into modular domains which support seamless growth as well as expansion beyond FX hedging into other asset classes. API for embedding services in any UI.​

Efficiency & Scalability

100% automated end-to-end processes, including for more complex transactions (e.g. FX options) from self-service UX all the way to settlement; cloud-based SaaS deployment; end-user self-service UX.

Agility & Flexibility

Modular and easily-configurable solution with pre-integrated connectivity to liquidity providers and flexible risk warehousing; easy to integrate with your back-office and risk management systems, ​and with any liquidity providers you wish to use.


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