Accelerating Enterprise Decision-Making

The Nexus AI engine ingests multiple data types and uses Intelligent Document Processing and Natural Language Processing to turn unstructured data into accurate, actionable and valuable intelligence. Specialized for Banking & Financial Services, covering Corporate, SME, Retail, Wealth and Asset Management, with proprietary AI modules that automate high value workflows including onboarding, compliance, risk management, portfolio monitoring and debt collections.



Pick the AI module that best suits your data processes, for plug-and-play into your existing systems instantly. Seamlessly integrate intelligent automation into specific workflows with ready or custom AI modules as needed.

High accuracy

With ~95% accuracy levels, improve the reliability of the output from all data processes. Tap on our Expert-in-the-Loop system to raise accuracy to 99%.

Time savings

Reduce time spent on data processes from nearly 30 hours down to 5 minutes. Save weeks of labour-intensive repetitive manual processing across multiple parties.

Improved productivity

By eliminating manual labour, your team can focus on higher-value tasks and create more value. Lower attrition and improve staff engagement levels.

Fast start

Plug-and-play modules available, but tap on our market-leading expertise to design custom AI modules that can be launched as quickly as within a week.


Like the results you see where the AI module has been deployed? Scale the solution across your entire organization quickly with our proprietary platform to connect your workflows across different business units seamlessly.


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