Easy to implement, powerful layer 4/7 load balancing for Temenos core banking and web UI servers.

The Edgenexus EgeADC is a leading application delivery controller (aka load balancer), that enables highly efficient load balancing and high availability for your Temenos core banking servers, and delivers reliable and efficient access. With advanced functionality including zero-coding flightPATH traffic management rules, programmable real server monitors and license portability the EdgeADC is perfect for your Temenos and other application systems.



Powerful, zero coding traffic management rules allow the manipulation, redirection and filtering of layer 7 data traffic. The features within flightPATH provide sysadmins with very powerful management and manipulation technology, with the ease of point and click.

Ease of use

Generally, load balancer user interfaces have not been the kindest to their users. The EdgeADC solves this with its addictively easy-to-use user interface and configuration methodologies, from virtual service creation to the design and deployment of flightPATH rules.

Server Health Checking

Core banking servers are critical, as is their health monitoring and actioning on the results. EdgeADC real server monitors allow you to watch the health of your core banking servers and adjust load balancing accordingly.

High-Speed Reverse Proxy

Unlike others who advocate the use of Direct Server Return, Edgenexus always recommends using Reverse Proxy as the load balancer communication method. The Edgenexus high-speed reverse proxy delivers both security and peace of mind.


The Edgenexus EdgeADC is highly affordable both in terms of acquisition and TCO. No specialist persons are required for managing the EdgeADC, and our licensing is delivered with a price-performance that our competitors cannot match.


At Edgenexus, we believe in delivering the best n value propositions. Our licenses are portable, from On-premise to Cloud, or even hardware to Cloud and virtual, and vice-versa without penalty.

Technical Support

Support is the main pillar of a successful product, and at Edgenexus, we deliver 100% on this, with 24/7 post-sales support provided at the right cost.


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