Everything begins with trusted identity. authID’s IDaaS platform delivers mobile biometric solutions that provide strong identity verification to enable businesses to grow without the fear of fraud.

authID stands at the axis of trusted identity and digital transformation, offering AI-powered, mobile identity proofing and multi-factor authentication solutions that serve as weapons in the ever-evolving battle against fraud. On-board more customers remotely and authenticate transactions anywhere in the world with speed, reliability and biometric certainty.


Identity Assurance. Business Growth

Onboard new customers with high-speed, accurate biometric matching. Reduce fraud and account takeover by extending the value of a “Proofed” identity to any transaction across all customer channels.

Global IDaaS Platform – Anywhere, Anytime

Multi-national client support across systems, languages and regulations. End-to-end identity solutions balance cost, IT drain and usability. Flexibility for customization via low-risk API integration.

Trusted Digital Identities. Trusted Transactions

Fast, remote identity proofing and multi-factor authentication. Auditable consent to everyday questions: “Who is applying online for a loan; logging into my systems; transferring funds; calling support.

Automated Document Verification. Trusted Data Sources

Biometric data and ID documents validated with trusted sources. Includes government registries, global validation of chip-based passports, and algorithms for North American driver’s licenses.

Secure, Seamless, “Live” User Experience

Balance usability and security with low-friction mobile identity solutions. Confirm the person holding the ID is present with Liveness detection and AI-powered anti-spoofing techniques.

Enhanced Security and Performance

Secure encryption, retention and segregation of biometric and PII data. High-speed biometric matching; automated document verification. Compliant with applicable data privacy and security laws.

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