HID Consumer Authentication for Modern Digital Banking Solutions

The HID consumer authentication solutions offer banks seamless, intelligent, and intuitive authentication for login and transaction signing. Available as a service (SaaS) or on premise, HID’s offering provides highly scalable authentication and enables for compliances with major central banking regulations as well as data privacy laws. It is also highly compatible with a wide range of authenticators including OTP tokens, FIDO authenticators and the award-winning HID Approve for push-based authentication. HID authentication significantly shortens the deployment time thanks to its pre-integration with the Temenos Banking Platform and helps banks bring innovative products and services confidently and quickly to market, while meeting evolving business needs.

What sets HID apart

Pre-Integrated Features and Capabilities

Get a faster and more efficient implementation through HID’s 15 years of experience with the Temenos banking platform. HID’s consumer authentication solutions provide secure multi-factor authentication for login and transaction signing as well as risk-based authentication capabilities for banks using the Temenos banking platform ecosystem. HID is pre-integrated with the Temenos banking ecosystem and offers predefined workflows based on the very best banking practices to offer a superior user experience without compromising on security. The components can also be used to build a fully customized workflow should you choose to do so

Partner Services

HID’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) Partner Services’ team are true Temenos banking platform experts. Their focus is on shortening the customer time to value realisation within the Temenos banking ecosystem. Following an agile delivery methodology, the team enables implementation partners by onboarding, training and supporting them on their Temenos integration journey. Partnering with HID for your Temenos integration will not only ensure that you have experts on your side to offer the best user experience, but also significantly shorten your time to market.

Enable the right security for the right user with massive scalability

Tailor your unique user journey through flexible and customizable authentication solutions that can be seamlessly integrated in your Temenos banking environment. Our approach is to secure today’s modern banking journeys through flexible workflows that have been rigorously tested to fit your end-to-end user needs.

Beyond traditional authentication that meets evolving banking needs

HID offers full authentication coverage to provide an end-to-end customer journey with some of the market’s broadest range of authentication solutions and form factors. Our authentication platform is backed with AI-based identity verification and real-time threat detection for true fraud prevention. By leveraging diverse modern authentication capabilities, including passwordless, phishing-resistant, risk-based, and adaptive authentication, HID’s authentication solutions are easy to deploy and flexible to grow with your business needs. The authentication services offered by HID are deployable in the public or private cloud and on premise and are highly interoperable with open standards and frameworks.

Delivered by a trusted industry leader

HID is your global security and identity expert. Benefit from the deep expertise of a proven leader in identity technology, trusted by financial institutions and other highly regulated industries around the world, to enable compliance with stringent data privacy, industry mandates and strong consumer authentication (SCA) relating to Open Banking.


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