Temenos Regulatory Compliance

Temenos Customer Data Protection

Privacy by design is fundamental to implementing banking solutions that provide customers with more control of personal data and how it is processed.

Why Temenos Customer Data Protection ?

Since the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is more important than ever to plan for the impact of data protection legislation by designing an efficient response.

With huge fines and irreversible reputational damage on the line for data breaches, data protection cannot be ignored.

Using our experience and expertise, Temenos provide assistance for Data Protection within Temenos Products; assisting clients to meet regulatory obligations with limited disruption to your business.

By developing and implementing data protection solutions at various banks across the globe, Temenos assists financial institutions with Data Protection by providing a Toolkit which can help you:

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Manage Personal Data

Take control of the personal data you process* using our personal data definition.

(*within Temenos products)

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Data Access and Portability

The provision of configurable personal data reports to assist with requirements related to the Right to Access and the Right to Data Portability.

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Data Erasure and Obsfuscation

An erasure process which removes and anonymises personal data after defined timeframes, Related to the Right to be Forgotten.

Banks can anonymise personal data how and when they require.

Temenos clients have reduced their administration time for Personal Data reports from 6 hours to 0.1 hours.

Personal Data Definition

Your bank can hold a customizable definition of ‘personal data,’ making it easy for you to manage and track what personal data you hold and why.

Temenos provides a predefined list of core fields intended to hold personal data, this list includes details such as name, contact and location data.

This definition can be tailored to include company-specific or local data that is considered in scope of personally identifiable information (PII).

Determine how this data is processed when your customer’s request rights related to their data.

Personal Data Rights Management

Record, manage and action personal data requests from your customers using Temenos’ Personal Data Rights Management tool

Personal Data Reports

Generate customizable personal data reports to facilitate Subject Access Request and Data Portability reports for your customers.

These reports can be exported into a machine-readable format as standard in order to fulfil regulatory requirements.

Data Minimisation and Data Erasure

The module enables the logical erasure of personal data when and how each bank requires, this contributes to a system with data minimization in mind.

Our configurable erasure process allows financial institutions to anonymise data after the retention periods for processing the data have passed.

The erasure process is irreversible and applies to any identified personal data, including historical data.

Supporting the Right to be Forgotten.

Consent Management

Record granular and unambiguous consent from your customers for processing their data.

Temenos enable consent to be as easily withdrawn as it is given, and means customers can easily opt in and out of specific processing.