HID RMS – Threat Detection for Reinforced Security with Optimum User Experience

HID® RMS – threat detection solution detects threats (financial malwares, zero-days attacks, phishing, social engineering, account takeovers, insecure configurations, web and mobile app hacking and fraudulent transactions) in real-time thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning and with the use of three different engines (behavioral biometrics, anomaly detection and threat detection). Coupled with an authentication platform, it delivers to banks a risk based authentication turnkey solution bringing to the end users enhanced security with optimum user experience.


Combat Cyber-Criminals Without Impacting Your End-Users

HID RMS harvests silently and analyses data (hundreds of parameters) from the user’s environment (IP address, device ID, behavioral biometry, type of transactions, etc.) to compute a risk score that banks uses to detect cyber-attacks and to decide on the level of authentication requested to the user. The solution allows banks to optimize the user experience while increasing the security.

Cost Reduction for the Operations

Those type of threat detection solution can rapidly generate high costs of operations due to a high level of false positive detection. HID RMS, due to the combination of three different engines (behavioral biometrics, transaction anomaly detection and threat detection) evaluate the risk in a more comprehensive and precise manner. It quantifies risk level with digital identity sensing technology, a unique set of device fingerprinting and user identification techniques. This makes the solution able to detect with a high level of accuracy a broad range of risks financial organisations are facing. It also results in one of the lowest false positive detection rate on the market, ensuring low costs of operation.

Low Setup Costs

Due to its highly accurate risk score computation, HID RMS is easy to setup for banks to reach a high level of efficiency matching the particular cyber-attack landscape they are facing. Furthermore, HID Global provides a Security Operation Center service with security and threats experts that helps banks to optimize the setup of their HID RMS in order to further improve the rate of true positive detection and lower the false positive one.

Easy Deployment

HID RMS can be deployed in less than a week by calling a java snippet in the header of the web portal’s pages and by integrating a simple mobile SDK in the mobile application to be protected. The solution is available on-premise or in the cloud for smoother deployment.

Powerful Post Event Analysis Dashboard

HID RMS includes a rich-analytical dashboard to enable banks to efficiently handle the detections raised by the solution and to analyze the threat landscape and possible cyber-attacks campaigns against their banks. This powerful forensic tool allows banks to avoid spread of cyber-attacks and understand where the attacks are coming from to better act on them.

Source Data Provider for Third Parties

HID RMS can provide the analyzed data to third parties for a better integration in the bank’s environment and ensure consistency in fraud and threat detection efforts. Third parties can be external fraud management solution chosen by the bank. HID RMS is already pre-integrated with Temenos Financial Crime Solution to deliver to the customers the best results in the easiest manner in the Temenos environment.


Leverage a deep behavioral profile of your users to detect known and new threats

By building a complete profile of the users (behavioral biometrics, usage habits, device, and more), HID RMS is able to detect any change in the safe profile of the user and therefore detects threats in a more accurate manner than other solutions on the market.

Improving solution thanks to a feedback loop to ensure an evolving solution in front of the evolving threats.

By learning, thanks to the human feedback given on the different detections, HID RMS stays always performant and adapts to the evolving threat landscape the bank is fighting against.

Together we are better! By sharing threats knowledge, Banks are better and faster protected.

Each instance of the HID RMS is sending anonymous data to a shared intelligence database that benefits all HID RMS’ customers. This increase the speed of detection of new threats and therefore avoid damageable spreading.

An infected device won’t make more damage by attacking another bank.

By sharing device information across all HID RMS’ customers, an infected device or a device involved in a hacking attempt is blocked with all customers. It also allow to better know the profile of the vulnerable device and therefore to better anticipate new attacks.

Easy to use and intelligent analytical interface to better serve the banks.

By proposing a rich analytical interface, HID RMS presents a clear and easy to use interface to manage HID RMS and to analyze the current threat landscape the customer is facing. It also allows to analyze in detail when an attack appeared. It enable the bank to go back to the root of it and therefore to better fight it and correct the potential weakness in the bank’s defenses.

A team of cyber-threats at your service.

HID proposes a security operation center service to manage and optimize your HID RMS deployment. Those highly qualified security professionals are aware of the latest cyber threats and are able of fine tuning your HID RMS deployment in order to keep your bank safe.


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