BCT Digital is an award-winning digital transformation company delivering FinTech, RegTech, and SustainTech solutions to international banking and financial markets, and key industry sectors

Ranked among the top 100 global companies by Chartis Research, the company offers disruptive, new-age solutions that empower large organizations and transform the way they do business.

BCT Digital has transformed some of the world’s leading financial institutions through its flagship rt360 Risk Management Suite that draws on the strengths of next-generation technologies, sophisticated AI/ML models, data-driven algorithms, and predictive analytics across diverse domains including Credit Risk, Enterprise Risk(GRC), Model Risk, and Sustainability.


Proactively monitor and follow up with customers to identify potential stress indicators using predictive analytics.

Strengthen fraud detection and prevention through real-time monitoring, enabling proactive and preemptive measures.

Establish a centralized repository of Model Risk Management (MRM) data at the bank level, specifying model parameters, validation frequency, and threshold values.

Offer a cutting-edge product suite leveraging AI/ML algorithms, advanced data analytics, customizable workflows, and robust reporting and dashboard tools.

Utilize automated monitoring through APIs and streaming feeds to enable early detection of credit risks and defaults, leveraging AI/ML-based models for proactive risk mitigation.

Deploy an integrated governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) suite that automates processes, ensuring comprehensive enterprise risk management and end-to-end governance and compliance.

Implement an effective Model Risk Management (MRM) framework to oversee the bank’s model life cycle, measure and mitigate model risks, and ensure robust governance and compliance with global regulations and policies.

Enhance fraud prevention by monitoring financial transactions in real or near-real-time, including data ingestion, alert generation, and handling to promptly address potential fraudulent activities.


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