Lynq™ by Agent IQ is a personal digital engagement platform that uses built-in AI to deliver a cutting-edge self-service for your customers while also offering the ability to connect with a personal banker—when technology just can’t be human enough.



Our solution allows your customers to choose their personal banker to connect and engage with when and where convenient for them. The communication is designed to be asynchronous – just like when you message your family and friends.


Real realtionships build on knowledge that you build over time. Lynq allows your customers to engage with their personal banker with a persistent message thread that allows for context and familiarity that builds trust and loyalty.


Because of the relationship nature of the engagement model, Lynq allows your bankers to proactively outreach to their customers one-to-one or at scale to offer bespoke advice and support. App notifications alert the customer when a message has been received.

Built-in AI

Powerful AI self-service for customer facing queries and AI support for bankers that tags conversation and provides relevant collateral and disclosure materials and the ability to run workflows. Real-time analytics that uses the conversation tags to show what customers are talking about.