Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation

A single product family incorporating Sanctions Screening, PEP Matching, KYC risk scoring and categorization, AML Transaction Monitoring and fraud mitigation, and support all user functions including alert management, case management, reporting and dashboards.

Temenos’ award-winning Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM) is trusted by over 300 banks worldwide, from top-tier firms to smaller financial institutions, to prevent regulatory fines, detect fraud, and manage reputational risk while enhancing efficiency. Offering unparalleled flexibility, FCM can be deployed on private or public cloud, on-premise, or as a fully managed service (SaaS).

Setting itself apart with superior performance and technology, including patented explainable AI (XAI) which ensures both regulatory and compliance transparency, FCM boasts impressive metrics such as a 93%* faster origination time on digital channels, a 19%* decrease in compliance administration time, and false positive rates less than half the industry average.

For fast compliance and time to value, choose FCM to seamlessly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digitalization, regulation, and financial crime evasion techniques! Whether you require the entire solution or in part, FCM is adaptable to your immediate needs and extendable as your requirements evolve.

*Temenos Value Benchmark study

Why Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation

Industry leading levels of detection accuracy and false positives

Industry leading false positive levels (Screen): sophisticated algorithms, smart contextual whitelists and robotic process automation, dramatically reduce overheads and costs. Record hit rate evaluation: clients report double their hit evaluation efficiency (a 250% increase while head count is up only 30%). Efficiency through AI: Proven combination of algorithms rules and Artificial Intelligence

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World-Class performance & resilience

High performance: Vertical and horizontal scalability or SaaS-based scaling ensures FCM delivers exceptional performance together with the highest possible availability whether on-premise or SaaS. A trusted, fast, and resilient solution, handling exceptional high volumes of transactions and throughput in the industry, the solution is relied upon from small financial institutions to very large banks.

Proven behavioral analytics, algorithms and AI combination

Based on key metrics such as income, spending patterns, and transaction types, a unique financial fingerprint or “DNA” is assigned to each customer. Together with prebuilt typologies and self-learning algorithms, this enables identification of both usual and unusual behavior.

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Enterprise-wide solution

Complete solution: for all financial crime mitigation needs from watch-list screening, KYC, anti-money laundering, and fraud prevention. FCM employs a risk-based approach monitoring ongoing transactions for continual risk assessment, thus enabling financial institutions to focus their effort and resources where most needed. Award winning: #1 best-selling compliance and risk management system (IBS Intelligence Sales League Table 2019). Leading FCM solution: as highlighted by IDC, Ovum & KapronAsia analyst review reports

Flexible and configurable

A flexible and configurable solution that is fit for institutions of all sizes in all regions can run on-premises and in the cloud to reduce implementation efforts and deliver greater efficiencies. Using highly configurable business rules, FCM allows coverage of specific regional requirements and can easily connect at any core banking system, offering the quickest implementation time in the market.

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Easy to deploy, supporting gradual adoption and migration

Based on pre-built models that are configurable to an individual bank or FI’s risk-based approach requirements, FCM offers rapid implementation with low impact installation, and the option to install only those components needed. The phased implementation allows gradual adoption and migration at any level. Additional specialist consultancy advisory services available provided by Temenos Professional Services for Risk-Based Approach guidance on AML, Sanctions and KYC best practice.

Enhanced user productivity with workflow management

Configurable workflow management drastically reduces the total cost of ownership by providing highly efficient processes for case management, alert management, and report builder. This fully flexible solution satisfies all the operational needs of any FI.

eXplainable AI (XAI)

Temenos’ XAI addresses one of the key issues for banks using AI applications; which is that they typically operate as ‘black boxes’ offering little if any discernible insight into how they reach their decisions. We bring cutting-edge innovation to financial crime mitigation by providing transparency into these decisions and helping you explain clearly, in plain language, to regulators how AI-based decisions are made.


Using the most advanced cloud native, cloud-agnostic and API-first technologies, FCM can be deployed on-premise, in private or public cloud or delivered as a service (SaaS).

Temenos Banking Cloud  

Provisioned through the Temenos Banking Cloud, FCM can be consumed as a secure, continually evolving next-generation SaaS solution which delivers faster compliance and time to value. Relieving clients not only the burden of installing the software but also the associated work of managing the software, including network, storage, and infrastructure, on the Temenos Banking Cloud FCM allows FI’s to focus on their risk-based approach to financial crime and compliance. Rapidly deployed from a self-service portal, clients can easily utilize additional features when needed and pay only for the resources they use. 

The power of FCM

In this demo video, explore the value and benefits of Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation. Finity Bank were looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer onboarding and ongoing financial crime detection and prevention capabilities. The bank were looking for a solution that was easy to deploy and manage, that could adapt to their changing requirements, and scale with their needs – allowing them to turn functionality on or off as required to manage ongoing costs. All this without compromising the customer experience. This demo deep dives into fast and simple deployment with the Temenos Banking Cloud, seamless onboarding and reducing false positives with the contextual exclusion wizard.

Measurable success


Transactions per hour


Years of proprietary data enhances detection with banks, cities and country lexicons


Reduces bank’s TCO

< 2.5%

False positive rates

Product overview

A single product family designed to mitigate the full range of financial crime activities and support all user functions including alert management, case management, reporting and dashboards.

Componentized, the product can be deployed in its entirety or partially to cover only specific business needs. Customers can then add capability as these needs change or evolve.

Fraud detection – suspicious activity prevention

S.A.P. uses a combination of sophisticated algorithms and expert business rules to block suspicious transactions based on real-time behavioural analysis. In this way it allows clients to identify in real-time fraudulent transactions as they occur. It uniquely builds user and customer profiles to detect and stop suspicious transactions. Looking at attributes such as balance, frequency, velocity, aggregations, transaction amount, currency, and transaction type parameters can be combined and compared to “usual behaviour” or predefined patterns.

The Peer Group Identifier (PGI) extends SAPs’ capabilities, by providing a comparison of a customer’s activity to other customers who under normal circumstances provide a similar financial activity footprint, allowing banks to focus the detection and investigation efforts on the highest risk behaviour. Once deployed, PGI provides a comparison of customer behaviour to that of their peers or a time-based comparison of overall peer group behaviour. Therefore enhancing detection and improved alert quality.

Anti-money laundering – profile

Profile is a pre-packaged anti-money laundering solution that provides web-enabled, end-to-end customer behaviour and transaction monitoring which easily integrates into any core-banking platform. Full control is also ensured through flexible configuration as well as packaged report generation templates and customized reporting reduces data mining costs. Profile’s processing and detection engines are accurate, fast, easy to configure, and simple to use. It ensures clarity through comprehensive dashboards and reports in line with your risk-based approach.

The Peer Group Identifier (PGI) extends Profiles’ risk-based approach capabilities, by providing of a comparison of a customer’s activity to other customers who under normal circumstances provide a similar financial activity footprint. Once deployed, PGI provides a comparison of customer behaviour to that of their peers, or a time-based comparison of overall peer group behaviour, therefore enhancing detection and improved alert quality.

Watchlist screening – screen

Using sophisticated algorithms, smart contextual whitelists, and robotic processes automation dramatically reduces overheads and costs by reducing “false positive” alerts. Screen protects your business by screening your customers and all types of transactions against watch lists (including sanctions). Its versatile, risk-based approach integrates lists from various sources; public, commercial or private applying geographical and business rules. Sophisticated algorithms and highly effective scanning methods deliver the lowest rate of “false positive” alerts in the industry without compromising your detection accuracy. Screen’s flexible workflow framework allows you to define roles/access rights, context-based validation and 2, 3 or any number of review steps (including 4-eye) with the objective of operator productivity and accuracy. Screen provides additional complementary features such as sophisticated wizards to further reduce false positives; a comprehensive solution for all your screening needs.

KYC & EDD – KnowCustomer Plus (KC+)

KC+ is a risk-management solution that allows banks to standardize risk calculation process based on customer attributes. Risk assessments may be performed not only at the account opening process but also during the entire customer life cycle. KYC workflow builder uses configurable dynamic forms to enable tailored questions to each specific profile which are also available via API. More thorough and advanced than standard KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions it uses a comprehensive risk matrix including the status, range, and counts to calculate the risk based on customer’s attributes. The system offers the ability to add search criteria filters or create, amend or delete assessments. It uses advanced and fully configurable algorithms to calculate compliance risk scores of new and existing customers based on the customer profile. In this way, the system provides greater flexibility, accuracy, and control.

Alert manager

Delivers ultimate investigator productivity through a fast and intuitive user interface with 360-degree visibility and optimized alert workflow processes.

Case manager

Provides full end-to-end and holistic oversight enabled through rapid follow up of suspicious incidents within a single repository. Supports not only extended alert investigation processes but also standalone investigation requirements.

Interface module

Ensures seamless, easy and efficient integration with any core banking or payment system through industry-standard integration mechanisms.

Watchlist manager

Ensures the ultimate in detection capabilities through smart enrichments of public watchlist entries and the creation and maintenance of private watchlists.

Reporting tools

Allows complete flexibility through an entirely configurable report engine for the full design, generation and scheduling of reports along with a set of pre-defined templates.

Automated alert evaluation module

Reduces investigator workloads by reducing time spent on initial triage of alerts by suggesting the next best action (discard or send to review) or automating that process based upon risk based approach and learning from previous investigation outcomes.


Enables a cockpit view through graphical summaries to measure and govern module efficiency and effectiveness based on a variety of specified criteria.

Auditing tools

It offers full transparency and auditability by recording and monitoring all actions and activity while providing thorough analysis at all stages.

Workflow manager

Full user empowerment through configurable workflow management tools that can be easily adapted to local requirements as well as one step role and access right control.

Peer group identifier

Builds a “Financial DNA” fingerprint of each customer using AI capabilities, and then clusters each customer into a relevant peer group of “customers like me”. These peer groups use all the transactions of relevant financial behaviours, of all the customers in the peer group to support the comparison of their individual financial behaviour with those of the relevant peer group customers, to identify abnormal transaction(s).

Risk-based approach in financial crime

Managing risks is the supreme discipline in banking.

Customer success

“Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation is a very powerful tool. We enjoy a 360-degree view over customer activity and can detect and block fraudulent activity. This helps to reduce our exposure to risk and gives confidence to our customers and banking partners.”

Cristina Toniazzo, Head of Happiness, Caring & Services Operations, Flowe

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