Leveraging SaaS to innovate

In conversation with EQ Bank

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Partial replacements, big-bang replacements, and sidecar cores: The banking industry has seen it all. But today banks can address their core modernization in a progressive way, where transformation is enabled by a modular platform approach to pave a rapid and secure modernization path. 

EQ Bank launched in 2016 with a groundbreaking vision. They were the first bank in Canada hosted in the cloud, delivering an award-winning digital alternative to traditional banking through cloud-based core modernization. As one of the first digital-only banks in Canada, the bank reimagined how customers interact with their financial services provider, offering a smarter and more flexible alternative to the complexity and hassle of traditional banking.


Stewart Davies, Global Commercial Director SaaS – Temenos

Dan Broten, Chief Technology Officer – EQ Bank

Webinar Focus:

• Learn more about EQ Bank and how they are setting the standard for sustainable, low-carbon banking in Canada

• How technology & the cloud has enabled EQ Bank to expand in the Canadian market

• EQ Bank’s SaaS strategy for scaling and cutting operation costs

• Innovation with the cloud & setting a SaaS ecosystem for business growth

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