A little thanks goes a long way…

A company can have the best product, the perfect strategy, and a clear opportunity to grow. But without its people, none of this matters.

Stavroula Koskoletou – HR Transformation Project Manager

I’ve always believed that the best companies are those that understand, and unlock the potential of their people. It’s their people who generate ideas, make things happen, and influence others. It’s their people who make the company what it is and who share a common sense of purpose and passion.

My passion for people probably explains why I chose a career in Human Resources. And it certainly is why I’m an advocate of employee recognition.

If you believe that companies are only as good as their people, you can see that recognition makes total business sense. Because when an employee feels valued – connected to the company, confident that they’re working well, and that their peers care about them and recognize their worth – they are more likely to feel happier and do great work.

In a time where remote working has become the norm and employees are questioning their relationship with work, making our people feel valued, appreciated and recognised has never been more important. Is it easy to achieve? No, because what makes someone feel valued is multi-layered and different from one person to the next. But can companies do something to foster it? Yes, absolutely.

In a company like Temenos, where we’re at the cutting edge of technology and on a mission to transform the banking industry, there’s no shortage of talent to celebrate. And we have a range of recognition programs in place to thank our people in both big and small ways. From our ‘Temenosity Badges’, which give employees a quick way to acknowledge their colleagues on a daily basis to quarterly and annual awards that distinguish people who have gone over and above the call of duty.

The pinnacle of recognition for our technical experts is our prestigious Fellows Program. Through it, we recognize a select group of individuals who have made a significant and lasting impact on our industry. In a sector like ours, where the ability to innovate is crucial, it’s great to show that becoming a team leader is not the only marker of success.

Each program plays a part in celebrating a culture where our people can challenge the status quo, make things happen, and collaborate with their peers.  

People care about each other at Temenos. They know the value of hard work, but also of appreciation, and the awards are a great way to demonstrate this. As the saying goes, a little thanks goes a long way.

We also celebrate commitment through a symbol that has become synonymous with the company – the Temenos Key. These keys are worn on our clothes and given to employees on significant work anniversaries (their first, 5th, 10th and every 5 years thereafter). It symbolizes the bond of trust we share with our people and is a visual reminder that ‘people are the key’.

Recognition is something that has to evolve, so we’re currently in the process of breathing new life into our programs and will be launching a new recognition platform in the coming months to make it easier still for our people to give and receive praise. I’m excited to see this come to life and confident that it will help us to build an even stronger workplace and support our ambitions as we continue on our journey to become Everyone’s Banking Platform.

Stavroula Koskoletou – HR Transformation Project Manager