Enhanced data to identify and manage risk more easily.

Kharon ClearView provides enhanced customer screening and due diligence capabilities for your compliance and risk management programs. Using interactive knowledge graphs, quickly perform thorough, visual-based audits of your customers, supply chains, end users, or other parties of interest to check for associations with sanctioned, sanctioned-by-law, or trade-restricted actors that may present material risk to your institution.


Interactive Visualizations

Easily surface and visually comprehend the extensive commercial networks involving sanctioned actors and the various typological relationships shared with other risk-relevant parties, including highly complex, dynamic, and opaque ownership and control structures that carry hidden risk exposure.

Critical Insights

Drawing on open-source documentation, Kharon’s robust repository of enriched global data provides critical insights that fill the void created by incomplete government and internal sanctions lists.

Unparalleled Precision
& Depth

Kharon’s enriched data is quality-assured and updated on a near-daily basis to incorporate the latest sanctions-related actions, changes in risk dynamics, and new research published by Kharon – enhancing essential KYC and EDD procedural operations.

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