Andreas Andreades

Executive Chairman
Andreas Angreades

Cypriot, born 1965

After early careers with KPMG in London and Pepsico, Andreas Andreades joined Temenos in 1999, initially in the position of Chief Financial Officer, before assuming the responsibilities of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in 2001 and then the Chief Executive’s role from July 2003 until July 2011, when he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. In July 2012 he was appointed Executive Chairman of the Temenos Board of Directors. Since he joined Temenos, the Company has grown from less than 150 employees to more than 8,500 and to more than 3,000 clients generating approx. USD 1 billion in annual revenues and achieving a market capitalization of circa USD 10 billion (end 2021), establishing it as the global leader in banking software. Since 2003 the market capitalization of Temenos has grown by 262 times or a compound average of 34% per annum.

Andreas holds a Master’s engineering degree from the University of Cambridge and is a United Kingdom qualified chartered accountant.

As Executive Chairman, Andreas supports, advises, counsels and provides guidance to the Executive Committee, especially to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. He also regularly attends product-related meetings where product strategy and funding are decided and execution is monitored. Acknowledging the importance of ESG matters, Andreas is also acting as the Board executive sponsor for ESG matters and is a member of the Nomination & ESG Committee.

The Chairman is very heavily involved in acquisitions and in key client/prospect relationships that often require the Chief Executive Officer and/or Chairman’s participation to bring key deals to fruition as well as representing Temenos on key project deliveries through Steering committee representation. He therefore works full time in an executive capacity and is jointly responsible together with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer to the Board of Directors for the development and delivery of the strategic plan and the annual business and financial plan.