Strategic Approach to Hybrid Cloud Banking

Cloud technology is being adopted by more and more banks for their technology services to potentially benefit from cost savings, scalability, and faster time to market. However, the majority of banking organizations use both private and public cloud services for different workloads. An effective hybrid cloud approach has the potential to provide the best of both worlds. In this session, Temenos, Red Hat and Accenture will discuss how the joint partnership can enable banks to accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud environments and address typical challenges.

On Demand Webinar: Digital Wealth Comes of Age – Wealth Management and the Post COVID-19 World

Firms which have been investing in creating front-to-back digital technology capabilities and client engagement models are in a better position to succeed in the wealth landscape which will evolve into being the new normal. Both investor behaviour and expected market return patterns undergo rapid change. Business and technological agility, and the capability to recognise and engage with new client and market demands, will be key.