Working Together: The UK Credit Union Eco-System

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Webinar: How Can Banks Survive and Thrive?

UK Credit Unions have always had deep roots in the communities they serve. Long before it became fashionable to be responsive to small, close-knit communities, Credit Unions were forging ties with their customers that very often kept them as customers for life.

Hear from John Coen, Business development manager at Temenos, a trusted partner for over 300 Credit Unions and Micro finance institutions in over 50 countries globally.

Adrian Davies, Co- founder of NestEgg, who bring us the fully integrated credit decisioning solution and tools that ensures positive outcome from your members.

Lindsay Ward, COO at Optimus Cards, who bring us access to Debit Cards, Credit Cards and access to payments platforms.

Paul Anderson, Security Consultant, at Uniken, who bring us the most modern Authentication solutions ensuring the safety and compliant online access for your members.

This coming together is a unique proposition for UK Credit Unions and in our view a game changer in how we provide solutions.

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