Microsoft, Santander, Mbanq and Temenos on Cloud Banking

Watch our exclusive webinar for valuable insights on cloud banking and the opportunities it creates for new business models and environmental, social and governance principles.

Together with our partners at Microsoft, Santander International, and Mbanq, we examine the full potential of cloud banking and explore insights on:

  • The current state of cloud banking in 2022
  • The evolving drivers and challenges to adoption
  • Its potential to facilitate new business models like banking-as-a-service and embedded finance
  • The benefits of the Green Cloud and the environmental, social and governance impact of cloud technology


Patrice Amann, EMEA Regional Business Lead, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft

Patrice has 30+ years of experience in the IT and financial industry and has spent over 17 with Microsoft in several leading roles. In his current role he focuses on Microsoft’s strategy and business development for Banking, Capital Markets and Insurances and works with his team on large transformational projects with the 50+ top Banks and Insurances headquartered in EMEA, leading the way to Innovation and Cloud though Industry Solutions and Partners.

Will Wright, Chief Operations Officer, Santander International

Will Wright joined Santander International in 2019 as Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Committee. Will’s primary objective is to drive the transformation of the bank through leveraging Santander group capability and working with selected partners to deliver enhanced digital capability with the customer experience at its core. Will brings a wealth of high-level financial services and technical experience, with a breadth of operational, risk and technology focus.

Vladimir Lounegov, CEO and Co-Founder, Mbanq

Vlad Lounegov is CEO of Mbanq, a US-based banking technology innovator and global Banking-as-a-Service provider. He leads teams that create and operate banks and Credit Unions for clients. Vlad is also a technology specialist and inventor who files patents for Mbanq that encompass: multi-asset bank accounts, payment systems and Blockchain. Previously, Vlad spent over 20 years at EY, KPMG and PWC. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

Andrew Reeves, Managing Director, SaaS Business Office, Temenos

Andrew leads the SaaS business office at Temenos, with global responsibility for the design and delivery of SaaS propositions on the Temenos Banking Cloud. Andrew joined Temenos in 2015 as Head of Technology and Operations. Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in IT, of which 12 years has been specifically within the financial services industry and the delivery of outsourced services to some of the largest banks and processors in the world.

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Economist Intelligence Unit: Capturing Value In The Cloud

Cloud adoption by banks has accelerated since the start of the pandemic, as banks seek to cut costs and ramp up digital transformation projects. But challenges around security, governance and skills remain. What is the state of cloud-based banking in 2022? What are banks’ drivers and strategy for cloud adoption and what barriers do they still need to overcome?

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