Future of banking: Leveraging new technologies and ecosystems On-Demand

A recent report from the Economist, commissioned by Temenos, states that 63% of banks believe that new technologies such as Gen AI and cloud will have the biggest impact in the next five years—more than customer demands and evolving regulation. Join experts from EQ Bank, Wise, Microsoft, and Temenos to hear more.

Quantum V9 SP1 Webinar: What’s New!

The V9 Service Pack 1 release of Temenos Quantum enables faster delivery of multi-experience solutions through improved productivity & tooling performance by adding new features like simplifying application rebranding through a Find & Replace utility for Skin properties, easier setup for iOS & Android Emulators, and more! Join Temenos Quantum experts Matt Terry - SVP, Product Management, Faizan Khalidi - Senior Director, Product Management, and Matt Trevathan - VP Product Management who is be hosting the webinar. Don't miss out on the opportunity!

Confidential Computing with Zero Trust: IBM’s DevOps Point of View

Micro-service Application Architectures and cloud computing have changed the workflows and responsibilities used in developing and deploy applications in new cloud-native environments. The IBM Cloud Paks bring forward the recommended governance model that enables multidisciplinary teams to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native containerized applications in a secure manner.

Composable Architecture: The Digital Bank’s Success with the Client of Tomorrow

Digital banks and their underlying software architectures need to respond to market shifts by adapting faster than ever before. As no single vendor can provide market leading components for every part of a digital bank, the successful digital bank's architecture is designed in a composable way, bringing together API-driven systems to support the business.

Preventing Fraud with Facial Scans

Join Dennis Maicon, VP of Sales and Business Development at IDology, and Temenos' Kris Frantzen, VP Product Strategy of the Lifecycle Management Suite, in a discussion on best practices for re-imaging authentication and fraud monitoring in the digital age.