Strengthening Bank Resilience In The Face Of Rising Interest Rates And Bank Runs In The Digital Age

The recent collapse of US banks that fell foul of a rapidly changing macroeconomic climate highlighted how important it was to have strong treasury and risk management practices in place.

Our panel discussion with risk industry experts from Temenos, Chartis, and Numerix delved into:

The key internal and external factors that had led to the recent bank failures.

Why existing regulations had not helped stop these failures.

The biggest challenges banks faced in managing critical risk functions.

How we could foster financial literacy among the general public and what role this might have played in preventing future bank runs.

Whether social media could also have been a tool for education and accurate information dissemination, rather than a source of panic.

What tools and processes were necessary to protect against similar scenarios.

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Adam Gable

Product Director Financial Crime, Treasury and Risk, Temenos

Mayank Nanda

SVP & Global Head of Market Risk Analytics and Product Management, Numerix

Sidhartha Dash

Chief Researcher, Chartis

Partha Misra

Vice President-Products, Temenos

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