Temenos for Challenger Banks

SaaS-first banking solutions for neobanks, to launch innovative new banking services fast, scale with confidence, deliver disruptive customer experiences, and build your own ecosystem.

Build your challenger bank in days

A SaaS-first solution to rapidly launch new businesses in new geographies and sectors. Attract and retain customers with innovative and convenient customer journeys together with faster product launches, and scale costs with business volumes. Discover a cloud-native platform to compose your bank from Temenos capabilities and those from the fintech ecosystem.


Rapidly attacking a market means your banking platform supplier has to deliver. Temenos has delivered for more than 70 challenger banks of all shapes and sizes. From the tech stack to functionality, our solution delivers the value and growth challenger banks are looking for.


To be a challenger you need to get to market quickly and efficiently. Our solutions can be rapidly deployed and include country-specific capabilities from over 150 jurisdictions. This allows new banks to focus on their customers, without being distracted by technology.


Test and learn more about your new business model as our solution supports evolution, growth and the extension of banking services into new market segments. Our platform for composable banking allows neobanks to rapidly assemble, deploy and scale new services wit capabilities from Temenos and our partners.

Changes in technology enable new banks to set up, and existing banks to open new operations more quickly to take advantage of fragmenting customer segments and evolving customer needs. Temenos has proven experience in delivering innovative technology and successful SaaS banking solutions to more than 70 challenger banks. We are proud to celebrate the go-live of banks all over the world and to offer them a foundation to launch their new banking services and grow.

Modern SaaS platform and evergreen architecture

Out-of-the-box banking services

Innovation and continuous deployment

Developer friendly onboarding

Ecosystem of best-in-class providers

Outstanding customer experience

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about our solution for challenger banks

It was really important to find a bank partner like Temenos. We would not be as nimble if we were working with other core banking providers.’’

Colin Walsh
Founder and CEO, Varo

With many service providers, setting up a core banking environment is a long, complex process; with Temenos, we were building demo environments in weeks.”

Cristina Toniazzo
Head of Happiness, Caring & Services Operations, Flowe

“The new Digital Bank will deliver a truly differentiated and exciting Virgin experience. Importantly, Virgin Money Australia is uniquely positioned to build on our existing relationships with more than 200,000 loyal customers and a home loan portfolio that has quickly grown to more than $3 billion to effectively compete in the Australian market with challenger and incumbent banks alike.”

Greg Boyle
CEO, Virgin Money Australia

“We selected Temenos as our platform partner because of their hyper-efficient and secure open-cloud capabilities, which align with and support our goals to provide exceptional, scalable solutions to our customers and partners. This is a critical component of our mission to seamlessly connect people to their money, both directly through our digital bank and products like GO2bank, and through our valued partners.”

Dan Henry
President and CEO, Green Dot

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Challenger Banks

Next-generation core banking

Rapidly launch new businesses in new geographies and sectors with our SaaS-enabled core banking solution. Combine cutting edge banking technology with flexible and extensive business support.


A SaaS platform for neobanks and BaaS providers to generate new revenue streams with packaged banking services.

Scale operations for business growth

Cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions reduce the fixed costs of operations and allow banks to elastically scale as needed and on-demand.

Fast customer acquisition

New banks don’t have any customers. Since all banking revenue comes from counterparties and customers, the ability to both attract and onboard new customers quickly is key to success in this sector. By providing a great customer experience returning customers spread the word and build brand awareness. To support this, our solution offers customer engagement, conversational marketing and unprecedented efficiency in client onboarding and product origination.

Explainable AI

Bring transparency and explainability of AI automated decision making to your customers with our patented Explainable AI and machine learning capabilities, embedded in the Temenos Platform and available either through an easy-to-use interface or through APIs delivered on-premise, in the cloud or as a SaaS offering.

Modernize payments

Managing international payments is an important part of any bank’s remit. We provide SaaS-first next-generation payments technology for accelerated growth, increased process efficiencies, and enhanced service innovations. We cover the complete payments lifecycle from order intake to clearing and settlement. These components are designed to work successfully both separately or together, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit your needs.

Temenos announces change in leadership team for next phase of growth

Collaborate with the ecosystem

A full and competitive solution is more easily assembled when added value items are sourced from an ecosystem of best-in-class providers. Our open platform allows you to integrate with other fintechs and providers to compose your offering and Temenos Exchange offers a curated collection of innovative partners, whose solutions are pre-integrated with our software.