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Bringing the power of Fintech to banking

The Temenos MarketPlace was launched in 2015, back when we had already recognised the value that Fintech could bring to banks. Our vision was clear – to help our customers to benefit from the collective innovative power of Fintech – and that vision remains true today.

We identify the very best in Fintech solutions to add to MarketPlace, those solutions which complement our software and bring real and proven value to banks. This curation of tried and tested Fintech plays a key strategic role for our customers, enabling you to readily tap into an ecosystem of innovation, to identify those solutions that make sense for your business, and to be able to continue to innovate and differentiate within your markets. The pre-integration of MarketPlace solutions ensures that these can be rapidly implemented for a quick time-to-value.

Temenos MarketPlace enables our customers to accelerate their innovation by leveraging the best in banking Fintech. For our customers, the decision to buy Temenos software is just the start of a journey of continued innovation where not only will you benefit from our market leading investment in development,  but also where you can continue to leverage, through the MarketPlace, the latest in Fintech to complement our software.

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