Success Stories

Green Dot

Delivering world-leading retail banking and innovative fintech services

Pasadena, United States

Green Dot operates both as a retail bank offering one of the world’s most popular prepaid debit cards, and as a fintech providing Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to the likes of Apple, Google, Uber, and Intuit. To support the next stage of its 21-year growth journey, Green Dot will harness the Temenos Banking Cloud to drive innovation and build enhanced money-management services for customers and technology partners alike.

With the Temenos platform, Green Dot will enable companies using its BaaS platform to embed new features within their technology ecosystems, including instant payments, demand deposit accounts (DDA), and credit and lending services. Similarly, Green Dot will use the Temenos solutions to streamline the user experience for its direct-to-consumer channels, and offer improved retail banking services to its 33 million customers.

“We selected Temenos as our platform partner because of their hyper-efficient and secure open-cloud capabilities, which align with and support our goals to provide exceptional, scalable solutions to our customers and partners. This is a critical component of our mission to seamlessly connect people to their money, both directly through our digital bank and products like GO2bank, and through our valued partners.”

Dan Henry, President and CEO, Green Dot