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Data Framework

Turn the lead weight of data into a golden opportunity: manage it, unlock it and extract value from it.

Temenos' Data products provide banks with a unified data platform, helping them deal with the massive data volumes of the digital banking era by efficiently managing their data, unlocking and better accessing their data, and extracting value from their data. 


What issues do banks face in trying to unlock value from data

Our Data Framework offering addresses the lack of scalability, productivity and cost-efficiency faced by banks that do not have an integrated platform for managing, unlocking and extracting value from their masses of banking data. Your bank will benefit from our Data Framework offering if it struggles to:

  • Process banking transactions fast enough because its live Core Banking database has grown too large/is growing too fast
  • Rapidly process online queries made by customers, thereby compromising the quality of the customer experience
  • Rapidly process queries made by business users, denying them a timely view of business operations and hindering the decision-making process
  • Obtain a near real-time view of business operations and customer behaviours, depending instead on delayed data
  • Exploit the full capabilities of its business analytics solution, including predictive and prescriptive analyses, because it is fed with delayed data
  • Access aged data that has been stored in traditional archiving databases, in an effort to reduce the size of the live transaction database

How the Temenos Data Framework helps banks unlock value

Our Data Framework offering makes your bank much more scalable, productive, and competitive. Most importantly, it enables you to strengthen your customer-centricity and support business decisions even when the volume of business data is growing fast. Our Data products and framework are for you if you are seeking enhanced:


The ability to efficiently process massive volumes of both transactions and reporting queries without increasing costs, thereby preserving the quality of the customer and business user experience as your business grows


The ability to support advanced near real-time reporting capabilities that provide business decision-makers with value-adding perspectives, and to provide customers with fast responses to online queries


The ability to exploit your business analytics solution to its fullest capabilities with near real-time data, enabling you to action valuable insights and offer highly tailored and proactive products and services to your customers

How the Temenos Data Framework and products work

Our Data offering consists of products and also proposes an optimal way (framework), to deploy them in the bank.

The Data Lifecycle Management Product

Enables banks to efficiently manage their Core Banking data, while preserving easy access to all data for query purposes. It prevents the live Core Banking database from bloating and degrading transaction and query performance

The Reporting Model Product

Enables banks to improve access to data for query and reporting by business users and end-customers, by providing a series of query-optimized data models which are updated in near-real-time with the latest transaction data

The Analytics Integration Product

Helps the bank extract value from its transaction data in near real-time i.e. transform the data into actionable customer and business insights. It uses the Reporting Models as the source of data which is fed in near-real-time to the Analytics solution

Deployed together, these three products provide your bank with a fully integrated platform for managing, accessing and extracting value from its Core Banking data.

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