Implementation strategies

Implementation strategies & methodology

Reap the benefits of remote implementations to respond to changing business needs and circumstances, while mitigating dependencies through our technology and best practice implementations strategies.

Temenos offers three implementation strategies: Build & Renovate, Continuous Renovation and Big Bang depending on your business strategy.

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Build & Renovate

Our Build & Renovate approach allows you to build a new front-to-back stack for one, ring-fenced business line with minimal legacy integration. Then renovate continuously based on continuous deployment technologies to migrate remaining business (i.e. customer segments, geographies, platforms, etc.) This reduces the complexity, time and risk of constructing many interfaces between old and new systems for use during implementation.

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Continuous Renovation

The Continous Renovation approach provides the sequential implementation of enterprise-wide capabilities (i.e. channels, front office, product bundling & pricing, etc.) in separate horizontal layers, each of which is independently deployable and upgradeable but requires integration between new capabilities and existing architecture.

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Big Bang

As the name of this approach suggests, all functionality to support the entire bank’s scope is built in one step. The entire migration of business occurs at the end of the program.

Measurable success


330 successful deployments in 2019


1,287 successful deployments since 2011


3,000 clients in 150 countries


6000+ Temenos-skilled partner consultants

We have proven Services to guide you expertly through a safe, predictable and successful implementation to the highest standards.

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Process driven methodology

Temenos uses a standardized and process-driven methodology stretching from Requirements and gap analysis through to migration cutover.

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Common approach across Temenos & Partners

Temenos certified partners use the same approach, meaning that resources can be used from a variety of partners and in-house from Temenos or from the wider Temenos community.

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Integrated with Temenos Continuous Deployment

Temenos Continuous Deployment is a DevOps service that can be used within the implementation approach to reduce overall cost and shorten the time taken to realize business benefits from the implementation.

Temenos Cloud

On-Cloud & On-Premise

The Temenos approach works for both on-premise and for cloud-based implementations


Based on 1,000’s Temenos Go-Lives

The process approach has been derived from the best practices learned from thousands of system implementations.

Our proven implementation strategies in practice